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Loss Of Performance


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Hi all,

I have a Altezza 1999 which I have been very happy with.

However I have just recently had problems with the acceration.

When I get to 5000rpm I was used to getting put back in the seat.

But as I get to 5000rpm now it hits a bit of a flat spot and doesn't

perform like it used to. :unsure:

Has anyone got any ideas what could cause this?

Thank you

Ned... :)

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have you done anything to the car recently? service/induction kit/ spark plugs? sounds like a fuelling issue. maybe give the MAF sensor and Inlet valve a cleaning and check ur air filter. try resetting ur ECU and see if that helps

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I haven't done anything before hand. But have since changed the air filter and plugs.

A friend pulled the fuses for the ecu, will that reset the ecu?

I am having plans to have a cam belt change and general service and will then clean the maf at the same time. Hopefully that will help.

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We had an RS200 here in Sydney with much the same problem - car was ok unless you gave it a bootful, at which point it would 'flat spot' above 5000rpm as you have described. It turned out to be a faulty MAF sensor, and the owner ended up replacing the whole throttle body to sort the problem out.

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