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Engine Bay Covers


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Does anyone know what the part numbers are for the plastic covers that sit either side of the engine are? The one on the left is the one which goes around the oil cap and has VVT-I on it, the other is on the right but not sure what it covers. :blush:

I cant make it to Leeds until the weekend so thought id try on here before calling up and trying to explain to the useless :tsktsk: that works on the parts counter there.

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The other I you refer to is the alternator cover. If its the one i'm thinking of. Best/cheapest place to get them would be a scrapy. Unless there is someone on here with a spare set :unsure:


The ones on my motor have gone all brittle (probably due to the age and mileage of the car).

I'll do a post in the buy / sell forum now and try a couple of scrap yards this weekend.

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Rh side (VVTI) 11202-70030

Lh side 11203-70010

What sort of price Chris ?????? and ECU cover ?????

Thanks :winky:

11202-70030 is £49 + vat

11203-70010 is £26 + vat

and an ecu cover is £46 + vat

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