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Rwd - Handling?

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Hello to all from Bulgaria.

I just bought my IS200.

I am new to this forum as to the RWD as well. I thought “how bad could it be” after all - all luxury cars have RWD and people are saying is the better one. Now I read a lot of threats on this forum (just to understand my IS200 better) and I stumbled on an frightening posts of how one loses his back end, how bad is the IS in the snow ect. So I am a little afraid now that as an FWD driver I probably have to be extra cautious. If it was just a car for fun – It will be all right, but I intend to use my IS on a everyday basis (go to work ect.) And at a point I will be distracted – it happens.

Please tell – how bad it really is? Have I to be afraid of my car?


Now I know that the driver is the most important peace but I am always aware that people (especially) men tend to overestimate their driving skills (including me).


Apologies for the bad English.

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the post about people losing the back end in the snow is because nearly no one in the uk uses winter tyres ( unlike the rest of europe) so you will probably find that the person who said they lost the back end in snow would have had wide summer sport tyres on ......... the rest explains itself.

get a set of good winter tyres and steel wheels and u will be fine.

to be honest u will probably not notice any difference between a RWD IS200 compared to a FWD car.

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I stumbled on an frightening posts of how one loses his back end

If you're referring to my recent post, I lost the back end because I was silly enough to let the tyres wear down to dangerous levels. Don't worry, if you're using the right tyres (winter tyres for snow, etc) and if you don't drive like a complete hooligan you should have no problems.


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True, i have only ever lost the rear end once and that was my own fault, came on to a round about too fast and that combined with a diesel spilage went wrong, but having driven it in the snow it was fine. You just have to take it easy and keep it wrapped in decent rubber.

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i just echo everyone else really, its like any other rear wheel drive car, and naturally in the snow due to the lack of weight at the back the car will slide. bes be is to get winter tyres id assume. not personally used them but for those on the furumthat do it seems to make a big difference.

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