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Fuel Tank Capacity?

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Hi guys, Ivbe had my car just over a week, and theres was some fuel in it when I had it, then I put £20 in it, then another 30, so I couldn't really tell how much fuel I was using. So I toppped it up last sunday, reset my trip meter, and done my usual mileage through the week. Now Id read in the manaul that the tank was 70L. So by the time I got to 200 miles, and Id used half a tank I was starting to think thats its gonna cost me a fortune to run (cos Id assumed Id used about 35L). So come saturday afternoon, Id done 345 miles, so I filled it up. I only just managed to squeeze 45 litres in it (the gauge was about half way between 1/4 and E).

So that would mean that they've either lied in the manual, or that theres a huge reserve on it.


PS, I worked out that I'd done 33 mpg (which I was pretty happy with). Have I worked it out right, and is that about average mpg, mainly motorway.

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yep tank is 70ltrs...

light comes on when you're on your last 10ltrs.

the needle positions sounds a little off as 45ltrs would be a couple of notches past half way, not really near the E.... having said that, mine is completely out, its about 1/4 tank delayed. [as in, it would read half tank, i would have only a 1/4 in it].

you should be very pleased with 33mpg too.. alot struggle to get that, good work.

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33mpg? What are you running your car on? Water? Mine averages around 23mpg. I may get it to 27mpg if i drive like an undertaker but not as high as yours! You seem to have a frugal Lexus (contradiction in terms I know lol!)

Congrats on the car and welcome to the Lexus Owners Club.


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