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Speedometer & Odometer

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For those that have dismantled the instrument cluster:

Do the speedometer & odometer come out?

I'm asking because when I export mine form the UK back to Australia, the reading will be wrong as we have km/h, so I'd like to be able to change over the speedo.

Also, is there a toggle somewhere to change the odometer from MPH to km/h?

I could get a JDM cluster, but these only read to 180km/h :crybaby: & wrecks of the IS are still rare here as our cars don't depreciate as quickly as yours.

Would a LHD km/h speedo bolt into a RHD cluster?

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Maybe you could speak to someone like Pete Betts at Thor Racing and see if he can make you a device that converts the odo from MPH to KMH as the majority of the devices on the market do this to other way around as imports are usually not going the other way!

Pete makes these for a lot of cars and so may be able to help, although I'd imagine it may cost a fair whack seeing as it could be a custom design!

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I thought that maybe there was something on the back, maybe like an extra resistor, or a change in resistance.

I can understand the dual readings on the speedo, the rest of Europe is in km/h & it's only a ferry or train ride away.

I know my friend's GT4 had something attached to the back of it's cluster when it was imported to the UK from Japan. He then removed it because he now lives in Spain & will be bringing the car back to Australia with him (talk about going the long way :winky: )

Maybe then would it be possible to find out whether the entire LHD cluster would fit into a RHD?

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