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Is200 Handbrake

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Anyone know how to take apart the handbrake on the is200? Only need to take off the handbrake grip/button part in the car. Been looking for an hour and can't find any screws to unscrew or any clips, surely its not just held on by friction and luck.

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Yeah that's right dude, you're pulling the wrong bit fella, the leather on the handbrake itself is stuck on there, basically you just remove the gaiter at the bottom which connects to the console, just give that a short sharp pull up and it will lift up and then you just lift it over the front of the handbrake, ie slide it over and jobs a good 'un :)

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Ah never noticed that bit sat on the chair, no pal like Mat says that bit won't fit - sorry never even noticed that earlier :(

Were you told that the piece you've bought would actually fit an IS as if so just claim your money back as it's not fit for purpose :)

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Dunno how but someone modded an IS200/IS300 with Momo Handbrake lever with Suede surround.


Found this pic in my general Lexus picture bucket on pc...

Picture must be off LOC I think somewhere.

This pic below may help from Billsy's excellent Armrest replacement post in Workshop


Pull it straight up and the two tabs will pop out it says...

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