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Review: Tom's Rear Lower Suspension 6-link W/ Pictures

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Posted these on Club Lexus and my.IS. But I thought I could post them here so I could help 2IS members with parts. :)


Why waste money on bars? I personally feel the rear of the car is really soft, even after I installed my coilovers. And I had to find a way to make it more solid to get rid of the softness that this car (or Lexus in general) is typically known for. A friend in Hong Kong installed these and said this has had a big difference in handling in terms of making the steering feel more direct, which is most desirable as many yearn for razor sharp handling of our European competitors. So I went for it, and as not many people purchased this part, I gave it a go. I didn't purchase the other parts because well... It didn't seem important to me as this part as the others really just replaces the stock braces. Who knows? Maybe I will purchase those as well.

Initial Impression:

These bars in general were pretty good quality, and not very heavy and it's made of steel, but very strong. Although I was a bit disappointed in that they didn't have any Tom's insignia on it to show off the bling (haha...), but I guess nobody will really see under the car unless I put some mirrors everytime I park.

Here's what everything comes with:


Picture of what the car looks before the install:


For the part that replaces stock, you can see that the stock piece is just a really thin piece of metal.

Comparison with the only part that replaces stock:


Picture of what the car looks like after the install:


Driving Impression:

I would like to say I am pretty damn happy with the braces. The rear is noticeably stiffer, and definitely feels more solid, most noticeable at quick turns. I would definitely recommend this piece to those that regard there 2IS's to be rather soft or "sloppy". Because of this I am definitely considering purchasing the rest of the Tom's braces to see if they will further improve the handling characteristics of the car. I have talked to a few other members with these braces on the forums and they have too, felt a difference with them, so it can't be my imagination, or some form of placebo effect.

Regrets? Nah. I am very happy with this piece, and after a few of my buddies drove and rode in the car after, they will be purchasing this as well.

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