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Ride Quality Improved With Facelift

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Hi all

I've seen a facelifted IS in the showroom but haven't yet been able to arrange a test drive. Has anyone had a chance to compare the ride quality of the pre and post facelifted IS on 17inch wheels? Apparently various suspension changes have been made to "enhance drivability". If this means it's been made a firmer more sports orientated ride then I'll opt for a pre-facelift IS250SE or SEL but if the changes are aimed at improved comfort on our deteriorating road surfaces then I'll opt for an IS250 SEI.

Also details of the changes state that telephone "dialing functionality" is now available while driving. This makes me wonder how much the telephone system has been changed?

Many thanks


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I was actually confused by this when the spec was released for the new model - because I thought it was the Sport model that was having "under the skin" changes with sharper suspension and steering........but as there's no Sport model anymore I'm not sure what's going on.

As far as I thought, the standard models were mechanically exactly the same :unsure:

The telephone is just the latest DVD, which is available for earlier cars as well which now allows inputs on the move and the i agree screen has been modified.

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You're right in that the sport model has been deleted. But the information I've got states that the IS is now fitted with Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management (VDIM) on all derivatives and that the stabilizer bar, suspension and EPS (Electrical Power Steering) have all been revised to "enhance drivability".

Also the SEL is now fitted with 18 inch wheels which seems odd as I would have thought many potential Lexus owners are like me and would prefer more comfort than a harder sports car set up.

The navigation system for the new SEI model doesn't have the Mark Levinson audio system or the dynamic route guidance (DRG) option. How good are these two features?

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Wished i got the SEL with 18 inch alloys... trying to go for that all stock look... have the 17 inch now.. and they look a bit funny on the rear as the tyre profile is a bit thicker, 18 inch alloys from the dealer costs a bomb!... even from japan....

Keep an eye on ebay mate, the 18" alloys come up quite regularly for just a few hundred quid - then sell your 17s on ebay afterwards and you'll end up not having paid much at all for them........ :whistling:

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