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Dash Rattle


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Hi guys,

haven't posted in ages, but I'm back for your expert help in nailing down a pain in the face dash / dashboard rattle / squeak

I think it's coming from the dashboard binnacle, the dark shroud around the instrument cluster.

When I place a finger against the area circled in red, (just to the right of the fuel gauge) the rattle is much less pronounced.

How can I fix this? apart from driving a 6" nail through it biggrin.gif

I don't seem to be able to attach a picture?

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It sounds a lot like the rattle I have. I was certain it was coming from the instrument cluster or behind the dash, but I took quite a bit of that apart and found nothing.

When I checked closely it seems to be coming from inside the steering wheel. Try tapping the bottom of the steering wheel with the side of your hand, and see if you can hear it then. This is what's happening on my car.

I've been meaning to take the steering boss off and have a look inside but haven't got round to it, too busy getting suspension issues sorted :(

Register on photobucket if you want to upload a pic, you can then copy a link to it from that site and paste it in here :)

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hi m8 have a look in the work shop section i put up a post on how to change your dash bulbs it shows you how to take the black saround off and you can check it to see if you can find the prob it's only a 30 min job to take it off and put it back

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