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Bushing And Wheels And Brake Sensor

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Got the rear lower arm off and found that the bushings were perfect after having spent most of the year trying to find the correct ones. In spite of being told by an MOTer that they had disintegrated!

Sadly snapped a wheel stud removing the nuts. Had to take the disk off, had to take the caliper off. This car has a full Lexus service history up to my ownership. The two drum retaining centering screws were wrong. The heads of the screws were too small so the disk/drum had shifted round, twisted the 2 retaining screws and made them almost impossible to remove! I think Lexus service is very suspect after working on my car. I could mention the two branches if anyone wants to know.

I topped up the brake fluid by the smallest amount and got the brake light warning light to go off having gone through every bulb at the back to find the faulty one!

Then I had a go at the brake wear indicator. Took it out of the brake pad, fed a strand of copper wire through the little plastic insert. Soldered the two ends onto the ends of the sensor cable and shrink wrapped the cable. Bingo. A £55.00 cable repaired for about 20p!

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