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Code Reader Suggestions

Rob's Lexx

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Hi guys

wanting to purchase an OBDII diagnostic code reader to use on the lex and the missus' mini and i guess my bro's focus if ever needed.

i've seen a few nifty one's over here in the states that actually tell you what the fault is as well as providing the fault code. Is that common to most code readers u can buy off ebay for example, or is this facility a little more 'exotic' :lol: :lol:

my thinking is that if it actually tells the fault, then actually deciphering the code becomes redundant - although i'm sure i saw a thread with all fault codes somewhere one here?? :yawn:

i'm assuming a US purchased OBDII reader will work just fine with a UK spec car?? don't see any reason it won't???



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I haven't really checked out a large range of readers, but I bought a standalone reader like this one (£24.99 plus £4.99 postage). For the price I thought it was pretty good. Not sure if you're thinking of a standalone one or a laptop-connected one.

There are some generic fault codes and some that are manufacturer specific. It doesn't really bother me with the theory (not had to put it into practice yet) of writing down the fault code(s) and then looking it(them) up on these forums (or others).

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i bought one that connects to the lap top - its more of a faff about than a standalone as above BUT i can get real time readings of nearly everything i want, air temp, timing, speed, rpm, distances etc.

all depends what u want.... if its ONLY for fault codes and clearing dash lights then go 4 the stand alone

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cheers chaps, yeah its a standalone jobbie i was after - just for clearing faults and diagnosing faults etc etc.

there won't be an issue with a US reader on a UK car will there? just wanna be sure before i buy one, lol!!

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