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Gs430 Sport Gearbox Mode Selector And Fuel Consumption

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After trying the different gearbox modes on my Series I 300 Sport I stayed with power mode because the car drove better and I got more MPG than normal mode, so since getting my 430 Sport I naturally went straight to this mode, that was until recently. With the cold and icy weather I made use of snow mode for the non-gritted roads in my area and then put the gearbox into normal mode when on safer roads but I thought I would leave it in normal mode to see how the fuel lasts compared to power mode and so far it's lasting noticeably longer. If only I had tried this before, I could have saved a bit of money on fuel since getting the 430.

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How long have you had the 43 mate as the oil companies must love you :lol:

Think it holds gear longer and changes up quicker in Sport mode - I know when I use it for a little blast you can always physically see the gauge moving :crying:

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On congested London and Surrey roads I find the Sport mode a bit too much, to be honest. The lightest touch on the throttle and you're immediately having to brake to avoid sending two tons of GS into the back of whatever's in front!

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Have experimented with these quite a bit - and what I can say from my limited testing is - It makes very little difference at all which mode you are in.

Its a little like those fuel saver things - you tend to drive differently and be heavier / lighter on the pedal.

I drive 80 miles a day round trip to and from work Most of it on the A5 - I tried each of the 3 modes for a month at a time - and fuel economy was within 1mpg for all of them. Its down to how you drive rather than anything else.

The biggest guzzler of fuel is when pulling off from a standstill - so rolling up to junctions slowly rather than coming to a complete stop can save you a couple of mpg

I also notice a huge difference just by controlling my throttle when approaching junctions so its just enough to get me there - rather than having to apply the brakes - again - you can earn yourself a few extra mpg doing this.

Ive managed (by changing my driving style) to get up to 30mpg on my work journey by driving sedately and as low as 18mpg driving like a looney - and it doesnt matter too much whether I'm in Sport mode or Snow mode.

Personally - Stick in Sport when stop/start driving as I enjoy the instant response - Normal most of the other time. Snow in Snow - but these cars still undriveable in the snow - ;o))

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More responsive and wont change up until you hit higher revs.....

But its down to driving style - You can still floor it in Snow mode , will kickdown and use shed loads of fuel.....

If you drive fast, brake late etc you are going to use loads of fuel - whatever mode you are in.

If you drive smooth, steady, brake softly - You will use less - whatever mode you in.

Ive also noticed I use less fuel overall if I accellerate hard up to 70 for example and then sit there light footed just keeping up to speed than if I take it steady and accelerate softly. I'm guessing its due to the time spent accelerating vs being at a reasonable speed and "cruising"

Eg Floor the car for 6 seconds and you'll see the consumption drop to 5mpg during those seconds - But then youre into 30+mpg whilst cruising at 70mph

Is this better/worse than taking it a little steady and taking 12 seconds at 9mpg - My maths says it better the fast way......

Its just my humble opionion on what Ive experienced - but really doesnt seem to make a jot of difference on mpg - How you drive and how fast you get there makes the biggest difference......but thats could be due to the type of route I take and roads I drive on - may be different on say mainly city driving???

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No totally agree with all the rest of it mate, just wondered about the WOT behaviour!

Like you say all summer I was doing some serious milage everyday like yourself, and I got into the habit of putting cruise on at say just under 70 on the M1 as soon as I got onto it and then just sitting there without touching the pedals until I came off 30 miles later - saved a fortune in petrol! Like you say a lot of it is reading the road ahead - you see so much bad driving and reactionary driving it's incredible.

Also noticed dropping AC off saved me quite a lot as well :)

Personally I'm not a big fan of driving in big cities and will try and always avoid it - I've still never driven in the centre of London to date yet - always get the train!

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Does the Sport mode not hold gears for longer in the 430 at WOT then?

No, in normal and sport modes both will go to the red line. It's part throttle where sport keeps it in gear longer.

Snow mode reduces throttle response so you have to push the pedal further to get the same throttle opening.

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