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I thought about this a few years ago when my car got stolen in a carjacking (I am thinking of the right device?) but then eventually decided that it might be easier to just let them take the car rather than have the hassle of having to deactivate it everytime you start the car...........

I think one of those cheap GPS tracker devices is probably a better way to spend the money as it's not as ludicrously expensive as a proper tracker, but you'll still know where the car is to alert the police.

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True it is an anti hijack system but I think for the money is it not worthwhile considering the way the community is these days. As for entering the code everytime u start the car, I think the user would probably get used to it and well its something that u just need to accept if u want to keep ur car secure I suppose. When it comes to cheap GPS trackers I'm not too sure tbh mate, how do these cheap ones work? I've heard of the ones that can be attached to a car and when u get the car back u can plug it into ur computer and see where its been etc like if u wanted to keep an eye on ur kids but trackers are becoming more and more unsecure from the number of cars I've heard stolen with them fitted. The theives just park them up somewhere where a signal cant be recieved and well thats that...kinda defeats the object of having a tracker really so why not prevent them stealing it instead of letting them steal it and rag the crap out of it then u getting it back in bits.

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