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Noticed over the last week or so a vagueness or perhaps some play in the steering on my 07 IS 250 Auto.What might cause this?

Tyres are correct pressure and have sufficient tread,noticable in all road conditions.Only done around 8000miles

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Might the alignment have been knocked out? Have it looked over by a dealer, to give the steering the once-over.

Have you been driving something else? I ask because when I've been driving my 911 the steering on the Lexus feels like it's come undone!

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No have only been driving the Lexus

Mine used to feel very vague and tramlined a lot when I first got it from the factory, so I took it down to WIM (Tony Bones) and it drove a lot more positively and no tramlining after he performed a geometry check and made minor toe adjustments (still within Lexus tolerances).

This was before the change to a completely different wheel, tyre and suspension set-up from stock, so no comparison now.

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+1 Tango

My 1st gen IS had been suffering from vague steering and terrible tram lining. Took it to the Dr @ WIM last weekend and camber was way out. All is now sorted.

get thee to wim.

It will not be a camber problem on the second generation IS, well hope not 'cos there's no camber adjustment. :huh:

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