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Installing Ipod Cable

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Hey guys, just a quick question,

Bought an Xcarlink lead to fit on my IS200, was just wondering when i take the CD player out to connect the lead will this reset my CD player meaning i need to enter a code? If so is there any way of preventing this as I don't have a clue what my code is!

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Cheers for the help guys!

Glad to say that the Xcarlink works too! I have the 13902 unit that has problems with the Grom interface but this one works fine, so if anyone is looking for an alternative to the Grom this comes highly recomended

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Well done mate, that's good news for those with 13902s that have had misery with the grom unit. Is it the same in terms of interface? All controlled through the OEM headunit?

Welcome to LOC btw :)

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Yeah its controlled through the head unit, external cd changer so each of the different cd's acts as a playlist.

Managed to run the cable into the little compartment behind the gear lever too, not showing and wires, so I'm well chuffed!

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