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Some Rx300 Questions

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Hi all Lexus-friends!

New to this forum and I have some questions.

I just bought a Rx300 -00 and I love it! Real piece of art.

I don't have GPS in the car but I have a button for it and if I press it it says "No unit plugged in" or something like that.

So my question is are there any cables predrawn so I can buy a GPS-unit and plugg it in?

I also wonder if and how I can hook a DVD-player to the screen?

My last question is can I change the speakers in the car easialy and if the amplifier supports it? Or if I can hook up another

amplifier to the stereo?

Thanks in advance//Axel

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Hello Axel!

I suppose your lcd panel is the "graphic" type, the one you need to use nav-dvd. In this case, you probably have all the wires going to the trunk, where the nav unit should be located (right hand-side of the spare wheel).

I honestly doubt that "any" navigator will do: I'm afraid you should go for the OEM one, but I might be wrong on that.

As for playing dvd's, again, if you have the souped-up display, you can use its aux video input to play dvd's (with an external player, of course). That's NOT a stroll in the park, I must say: you'll have to tear half the dashboard apart. On this very forum you'll find many hints and maybe a tutorial on how to do it. I recall that someone even managed to plug a rear-view camera into the screen. Be aware that the video standard of the screen is NTSC (US-Japan) and not PAL.

As for the loudspeakers, dunno ... :tomato:

Oh, one more thing: there's at least another member from Sweden. I remember him buying a 400h in the US to save some big money! :winky: (now that I mention him, his name sounds very Italian!)

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When I bought my '03 RX I thought it might have the wiring already installed (although the nav system was not a feature I searched for as I prefer TT) but although there are some cable terminals in the trunk area they are NOT for the nav computer, and I suspect yours may not be either.

You could buy the comp and harness from the states (euro version, there is a chap on the US forum who specialises in this) but it works out bloomin' expensive.

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