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Hi all! (sorry for all the posts, you`ll be getting fed-up of me soon!)

One of the first things I done to my LS400 was to remove the viscous driven fan and replace it with an electric type as these are proven to increase fuel economy, release BHP and make for a quieter engine. The reported improvements are 8%+ increase for fuel and performance.( although I doubt it`s that much)

I don't hear anyone doing this on here, just the odd post about fuel consumption of that thirsty V8. Has anyone else out there done this fan mod?....I cant be the only one doing this on a LS400, a car that should have had one, especially for this country!

There are kits made by Kenlowe costing £100 odd and are excellent quality. I`ve normally gone to a scrapyard and ripped one off a car that fits the bill and coupled it with a thermostat on the inlet of the rad.

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The link below should help

BTW i don't know if it is common knowledge on this forum but the guy who wrote all these tutorials Lexls has been involved in an accident in his LS which has resulted in it being written off.

Fortunately he is OK but nevertheless it's sad his car is no more.

The tutorials have help me and thousands of owners over the years and I'm sure we all wish him well.

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