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Power Steering - A Couple Of Leaks And F/h/seats

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Hi guys.

A nice forum you have here must say.

I have recently aquired a late 95 LS4 in very dark green (not sure on the colour name).

I have gone right over it and given her a full service even though it was not needed but atleast i know its been done.

The only thing that does not work is the front heated seats but the rears work fine. Been searching and can find no real answer other than maybe new elements? realys? etc.

The only leak on the engine i could find seemed to bee coming from below the power steering fluid reservoir and again near the rack itself.

In the searching i done i found some info on some o-rings that could be chaged. Do these do the rack leak? Also where do you think its coming from near the p/s reservoir?

Im not new to toyota as i also own a work horse 1999 avensis 2.0 td estate for the dogs and have recently owned 330bhp 1994 celica GT4 and 1993 400bhp supra mkiv 6 speed twin turbo.



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Get the engine cleaned at those local washes run by the convicts or refugees, they can quickly and easily steam the engine bay for a fiver. Its worth taking the under-engine cover off before hand so that all the crap can escape down their drains and not drip on your driveway again overnight as those covers can hold lots of liquid. you could just push it up a few times before taking any nuts off and you will see the hole where it usually drips from will become a tap after each push. Just loosen the rear nuts slightly, undo the sides and then the front nuts and it should pull down and you will have some excess fluid and water in there that will now run all over you or your drive so put cardboard down before you drop it down, then take the last nuts off and run the car round to the wash. Leave the engine running when washing it & be carefull of clips and wires and things that powerfull water can snap etc, just quickly splash those parts

Mines a 93 plate and the common leak on this model was underneath the reservoir, where it meets the pipe that runs down and out towards your air filters.

You can't see it without taking all the air intake plastic bits off upto where you can access the nuts underneath the reservoir easily. There is a small o-ring on the metal stubb (bottom of reservoir) that goes into the pipe, it took an hour to do and was fairly easy.

But this didnt stop my leak and i had to have the engine cleaned to find it. It was from the cooler pipe (fig.of8 thing, open bonnet and look down behind the fan), this dripped b'cos of old clips that were weak and the fan blew it all back all over.

Both the o-ring and new jubilee clips cost me less than a fiver

You can do it yourself or the garage should take no longer than an hour labour. The part is £2 odd. Dont let them fool you into a new pump or anything

Good luck

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Thanks for the tips guys.

I had the undertray off when i changed the oil and it seemed quite clean.

But i will try and get and have a look over the weekend and check those areas as suggested. Im friendly with our local toyota dealer aswel.

I dont ever pay tohave anything done on my cars as i can do most like cambelts, drivetrain, clutches etc myself and have a few friends who worked and still work for toyota if i get stuck.

Its just so handy to have an owners club to get good info on those common problems.

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