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Tyre Pressure


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I needed a new set of tyres last week and when I told the garage the owners manual recommends 35psi in the front and 38psi in the rears they told me this is not correct and many Japanese owners manuals quote wrong tyre pressure.

I generally trust these guy's as they have no reason to lie to me, they did laugh and say they would be happy to put 38psi in the rears as this would mean I would be back for new tyres far sooner than I need to.

They recommended 34's all round.

Any views on this ?

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I do 36 and 38 I think and not had any problems, especially at the rear.

There is a sticker in the drivers door area when open. I doubt lexus would have got it wrong, but you never know. lower profile tyres will have a higher pressure, though i guess some of it depends on the tyre too - what you fitted?

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