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Getting Rid Of My Lexus


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After 3 1/2 years of owning my Lexus IS200 SE I'm having to part with it :crying:

Only because I've bought another one though :winky:

Picked up my IS200 SE auto last Saturday and I am still smiling. It's just as great to own and drive as my old one but, for me, even better because it's an auto. I've been toying with the idea of changing since early this year but wasn't sure whether to go for another series 1 IS or the later series 2. I had an IS250 auto for a 48hr test drive at Xmas/new year last year and loved the car but it just wasn't quite the same as driving my 200, there was something missing, just not quite the same experience.

I've been looking now for months at buying the newest 200 or 300 with lowish miles, preferably from main dealer but they just don't come up that often. Anyway I saw this one a couple of weeks ago, took it for a test drive haggled with the dealership and went for it. I managed to knock £500 of the price and as I said the one thing I was worried about was that it would need a big (60k) service and timing belt change doing next year, they agreed to do that for me FOC when it's due next September. So that clinched it.

It's an IS200 SE auto, Sep 2004, 49500 miles in Antimony blue (quite a rare colour).

Oh before you ask I'll try and put up some photos of the new one soon, as soon as we get some half decent weather so I can take some.


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