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Instrument Cluster Problem....

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My instrument cluster has a couple of issues...

the lights are duller on one side, the "d" light is much duller than the other ones ("p" "r"" etc) and the petrol guage sticks so it thinks its near empty when there is half a tank in!!

I bought the car 2 weeks ago, with a 3 month warranty, does my warranty cover a replacement instrument cluster does anyone know?

Thanks, Kev

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sounds as if 1 of the bulbs has gone which could explain why there is a dull spot. You could check this by removing the cluster and swapping the bulbs about to see if the spot moves about.

This is real easy to do you need a philps screw drive and just remove the 3 screws in the plastic surround and the 3 that hold the cluster in place and you can unplug it and lift it out you may want to tilt the steering wheel down to give you more room

as for the fuel gauge you maybe able to solve this at the same time as checking the bulbs. I mad a simular problem with mine as it never went below 1/4 of a tank

I got a second hand cluster to try in mine to see if there was a problem with the cluster or if was something else I plugged the new 1 in and the fuel level was different so I plugged the old 1 back in and the fuel level went to the same place as the new 1 so I put it down to a dodge conection. so just take a note of where the gauge is before and after to see if it's changed

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