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New Member With Satnav Query

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Hi Guys, Iam looking into buying a 220D in the next month or so (tax and insurance dictate!). Due to budget restraints i will most likely be looking at a 2006 model, and would only purchase one with the Mark Levinson satnav system (gadget freak!).

What are your comments on the 2006 version of the Mark Levinson system? - is the guidance useless compared to TomToms (ive heard that in-built navs can be poor), is it compatible with ipod?

Secondly, does the 2006 version require the cutting of wires to enable blocked features whilst driving? - i think i remember reading somewhere that earlier models have a hidden menu to unblock features.

Thanks in advance for any comments.

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The ML system has a great sound. You have to hack the wires to enable use of dvd player and some phone functions whilst driving (you can use speed dials whilst driving). To enter destinations in sat nav whilst driving requires a more complicated wire hack or update to the new sat nav dvd which has input function enabled whilst in motion. I have posted a guide to hack the wires it's easy.

Test drive one first, they're not the best drivers cars. (Gear box has high ratios)

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