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Fuel Consumption

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That doesn't sound right at all, although how have you calculated your mpg? Based on imperial gallons, I get about 20mpg if driving purely around town in traffic.

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how do you describe your traffic there? :) here in Manila, when we say traffic it's really a stop and go. stop for 5-10minutes then go for 5minutes. something like that. or simply, from my home to office, w/o traffic will take me 30-45minutes. if there's a traffic, then it's around 1 hr 30 min to at least 2hours... :crybaby:

with regard to the conversion, i'm not sure with the imperial but i just got it here:

it's quite confusing coz we only use KM and Liters here in Philippines... thanks!

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it's not quite right PeeJay,

considering you in Philippines and have your A/C on all the time and in city traffic, you should get about 20MPG that is 13.623 L / 100 KM.

you should get your car looked at, if you don't drive like a maniac.


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hey felix! hmmmm i thought so... ok i think you should drop by at lexus and have it checked! any ideas on why it's guzzling like a v8? i just had my pms last week. here's what they did:

changed oil (engine; transmission; differential)

i also had my brake fluids changed and power steering

changed air filter

changed spark plugs


what could it be? i'm feeling so frustrated comparing that your cars are at least fuel efficient. :crybaby:

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Your fuel consumption of 6km/L is 17mpg. Is it manual or automatic? Mine is an automatic and I get 20mpg for Central London traffic, well, not as bad as Philippines. Where did you buy your IS from? I think that's a very rare car in Philippines.

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hi w77, so your consumption is like 8.5 km/l right? i wish i have the same consumption!! actually that was my expectation before i got this car! because that's what my friend told me too.

i bought my IS from a neighbor who have 2 IS. one is an is200 and the other one is the latest IS250awd. he also have an IS300 in the U.S.!(not so much of a fan! haha)

yeah it's very rare here in Manila. it's very seldom that you'll be on the same road with the same IS! :)

anyways, i was looking through the net and i think i should also have the sensors checked and cleaned!

been here in philippines? :)

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tested my car. city driving with a bit of traffic is 7.5km/l that's around 17mpg i guess. went out of town this morning, sums up to 11.2km/l which is about 26mpg(a bit traffic and maniac driving around 160km/h.. :) ) traveled about 100km only.

i'm happy that it improved at least a bit. but should i get more?

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