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Last Chance For Exemption From Congestion Charge

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For all of those RX400h and RX450 owners out there you will need to get a move on if you wish to gain exemption from the London Congestion charge for the next two years.

The scheme is changing next year and only those vehicles---electric, hybrid or anything else, including diesel---which emit less than 100g/km of CO2 will be exempt.

If you get your application in by 24th December 2010 you will be exempt until 24th December 2012.

I submitted my application late last week and the exemption confirmation arrived in the post this morning, so they are turning applications around pretty quickly.

The excert below is lifted from the TFL website

"The Alternative Fuel Discount will be closed to new registrations on 24 December 2010. However, owners of vehicles registered with TfL before that date will continue to receive a 100 per cent discount for a two year period"

Presumably the 100g/km limit means that even owners of Toyota Prius vehicles will ahve to start to pay in two years time.

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So now the bar is raised to a ridiculous height. 100g/km is just too low for the majority of road users.

Wouldn't agree with that in general, as you need a driver for technology and market to meet said demand. They said vehicles like the Lexus Hybrids would never come to be - but they did. So, the new barrier is the benchmark and there are plenty of traditional engined vehicles that meet the requirement - yes you have to compromise on the size of the vehicle, but it is do-able :)

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