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What Brake Discs To Get


Best Brake Discs  

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  1. 1. Which Brand in your own opinion make the best brake discs

    • Brembo
    • EBC
    • Mintex
    • Lexus Own

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Hi all Lexus IS200 Drivers.

I am in the market for some new drilled grooved brake discs for the front and rear.

Ive got my eyes on a brembo set, they are £300 for the front and rear discs.

Ive also seen an mtec set for £175

Now does anybody kno if there is a difference in what brand discs you buy or is it simply just brand name you are paying for?

Any help appreciated.

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I had DBA titanium grooved ones all round on my IS200, can't remember the exact product name but they were awesome. Pretty damn expensive though, I think it cost me about £600 for the 4 of them. You're paying for the quality with most of them. I got the DBA's as I was fed up with Lexus ones warping after 6k miles (i drove it like I'd stole it) and the DBA's say they'll never warp, and true to their word, they never did :-)

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I agree with you in the sense you pay for quality. Where did you get these from, ive had a lil search on the net but can't find a website that sells them for the IS200

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