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3 Electric Windows Not Working Since Battery Change


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Hi everyone

Slight problem hopefully someone can help me with!

Over christmas with all the bad weather, I had to replace the Battery in my 2006 IS220D - while doing this, I kept the cconnectors on a charge pack, and everything in the car was still working perfectly when completed - no radio stations lost, all sat nav data still there, no need to re-programme keys etc.

However, 3 of my 4 windows had stopped working completely - the drivers window still operates perfectly, but the other 3 will not do anything (whether using the switches on the driver side, or the individual ones)

Anyone got any ideas of how to fix this? Is there any chance it's just a fuse? if so does anyone know which one specifically? or even any other ideas of how to repai this without having to go to a dealer (my nearest is a 150 mile trip, and it'll probably be expensive too?)

Thanks in advance for anyone who can offer any suggestions!

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This happens when you replace the Battery. Simply visit each door (not the driver ones) in turn and lower the window fully and keep holding down for a few seconds close the window and repeat for the other ones. Normal function should then return to the driver controls. You said the individual ones don't work (check you haven't pressed the window disable button on the drivers door).



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