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Potential Return To The Fold


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Hi all,

Joined up back in 2004 when I got a new IS, then moved onto a couple more, the last Lexus I had was the new shape diesel.

I then moved onto to a BM 5 series, anyway, I've recently changed jobs (without a car) and am looking to make the move back into a Lexus.

I've been looking at IS300's this week and I'd be grateful as to an idea of what a good price for one.

Car in particular is a 300, 86k, full SH, generally good condition.

Bad points are:

1 master key

Havent seen confirmation of cambelt change

Short(ish) MOT

No tax

Good Points:

Interior good

wheels okay

4 nearly new Dunlops with out 6-7mm tread

Done quite a bit of haggling this evening...

My question is..

Is it worth £3350??

Cheers all.


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Yes, did buy it.

full SH etc etc only thing missing was Nav, but I'm planning a custom build for that any how.

So far its been detailled twice, unfortunately the amount of tree pollen in the air means that two hours later, its covered....

so, photo's up shortly...


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