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HI guys, please let me know where the dipstick for gearbox oil is on your LS430.. cheers


The dipstick for the gearbox is the one with the red handle, it's located below the engine oil dipstick which has a yellow handle. Check the level with the engine running in park.

John N


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Normally to accurately check the transmision fluid level the fluid must be checked hot which normally requires a run of a least 30 miles,before checking move the selector through all positions from park and return to park twice,within 1 minute check the level on the dipstick using the HOT section.There are also normally cold level check markings on the dipstick but the cold check is not as accurate.

Make sure the car is on level ground.

If the fluid needs topping up it has to be done through the dipstick tube (a small funnel can be inserted to help prevent spills)

Only use the correct specification Toyota ATF.

Full details should be in your owners manual.

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