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Exhaust - Volumes


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Hi all,

Can you tell me, generally speaking, if I add a decent make cat back system to the IS, would it increase the volume a little without making it a. too raspy which I hate or b. too loud?

I just want a little more boom from the exhaust, but nothing too crazy.

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It depends entirely on what system you go for.

You can get cat backs that sound like anything from full race spec, down to pretty much OEM sound.

If you want a bit more boom without sounding tinny, I personally would go for an HKS Silent Hi-Power. Not cheap but most agree its one of,if not the best exhaust for the IS :)

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hey, i've been doing some research into this and its the hks silent high power exhaust for me, just trying to get a system other than just the back box. If this plan fails i'll be going for the blitz nur spec s eystem.

the pics i have for these are on my phone but if you can find me on facebook you can see the mobile uplaods of the systems

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