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I missed your article in CM about lubrication points (??) - you can see I am not a mechanic. My 1998 LS400 is uttering the odd

'groan' from underneath in this hotter weather - particularly going over road humps. I want to take the car to my local garage.

Will he know where to lubricate (WD 40 ?)? Due to copyright I know you are unable to reproduce your article but do you have any tips

you could give us ?

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Sorry a little confused with your post,I do subscribe to CM magazine and have had some articles published in there but nothing regarding lubrication.

I have used WD40 on the rubber suspension components and it's easy enough to do your self.

I spray the upper control arm bushes (2 each side) and the lower control arm bushes where the arm connects to the hub and the other end where it meets the chassis mount.

It's best to remove the road wheels to get good access and use stands not just a jack.

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Many thanks. You have answered my very badly put question in your usual impeccable manner. I am too old (ah!)

to do that sort of job myself and so will show my local garage your instructions.


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Now, if only my wheel nuts weren't far TOO tight!

Thinks.....must get them slackened to finger-tight? Or stuck on m-Way with no way to get wheel changed?

Though I now have MagiK seal inside the tyres, so hopefully I can be brave enough not to NEED a spare tyre!

Petrol saving wheeze.

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