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I have been looking on the net for a towbar for my lexus ct200h and have found a company in the usa that supply and/or fit. however the cost of shipping to the uk is over $400 and they wont ship other than u.p.s. why isn't there a uk dealer that supplies the same?

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You could be right. seems like i might have bought the wrong car. although the towbar in my case is for a small boat for about a mile twice a year.

Lol :)

I think you might be ok with just towing that!

Becareful!! Adding a towbar is dangerous, especially as both Lexus and Toyota express the car is not suitable for towing, could damage the electric drive which could be costly especially as I doubt you'd get any recompense from the Manufacturers.

Also, would not your insurance company need to be notified.... in case of a claim for another incedent... would they claim your 'mod' could have had an effect ?

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The manufacturers do not recommend towing... I seem to remember reading that somewhere in the owners manual. I think that is correct.

In instances where the vehicle would be towing a light load which would represent significantly less load than four passengers with all their luggage ( which the car is designed to carry) , I think that common sense should prevail. Granted, the manufacturers would seize upon the fitted tow bar not to honour any warranty claim, however, my personal view is that towing a light weight trailer lightly loaded for short journeys is well within the limits of the vehicle. Towing other vehicles/ touring caravans/horse boxes would represent a higher dynamic loading than the four adult passengers and I wouldnt even think about it.

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In the Toyota Owners club Prius forum where the fitting of towbars was discussed in depth - 'Kingo' who works for a dealership, and reports with some authority on the forum gave the best response for not fitting a towbar -

'Without the risk of repeating myself, I can only stress that the Prius in the UK comes with NO type approval to tow. If you do fit a towbar and need to make an insurance claim, then you might find yourself in trouble and your insurance would be void'

I've also read on the Club lexus forum about towing with hybrids and they mention possible transmission problems and the need to change the type of oil?

If you feel its worth the risk - do it ???

The link to the TOC topic is -

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I have read A lot of Kingo's comments and what is said is based on fact. However, I also find that some of Kingo's comments are very much along the lines of ' if you arent in the motor trade you therefore know nothing' and I do not just blindly believe everything which comes from a trade which is so obviously defensive.

In the case of fitting a tow bar to a vehicle which is not type approved for such a device, there is a case for getting insurance approval first, as one should do when insuring a pre-type approval classic vehicle fitted with a tow bar. If the insurers do not approve, then simply dont do it since insurance is a must to remain legal.

There is the potential to damage the transmission due to excessive dynamic loading which is why one should temper the fitting of a towbar with sensible limitations which would restrict the dynamic loading on the chassis to acceptable parameters.

When encountering transmission faults with most vehicles with a tow bar, many manufacturers have reservations about warranty repairs since there really is no way for them to deturmine how great a stress has been placed upon the vehicle or in what circumstances the tow bar has been used irrespective of whether the vehicle has type approval for using a tow bar. So hybrid vehicles arent the only ones with the potential for manufacturer related towing issues despite some manufacturers going so far as to market their own towing accessories. My father discovered this when asking about a faulty Volvo clutch release bearing on his two year old 12,000 mile car.

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Well guys

Just an update on the tow bar saga.

I have taken the plunge, located and ordered, received and fitted a tow bar.

Purchased from USA: AutoAnything. Model: Curt receiver hitch with euro 2" ball mount pin and clip. Part #112002 Cost $124.99

Only problem they don't ship out of the USA so I got my mate to get it shipped for me at a cost of £90.00.

It took 20 minutes to fit the four bolts in the locating holes already drilled by the manufactures of Lexus. (Can't understand why they don't supply one as the holes are there to take a tow bar)

As previously mentioned my needs are for transporting a small boat to the beach twice a year for about a mile.

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I have a Lexus CT200h 2014. I installed a on it hitch and I will be towing a 4x6 enclosed trailer. With photography equipment.
I will bee towing in Sports Mode.

TheOldGit how is it towing for you with the boat?

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No problem Anthony.

As explained I only tow maximum for one mile each way with the (5 metre open) boat on the back admittedly it's quite flat both ways.

Theres no strain on the motor can't see what all the fuss is about. If it was a 12 metre motor cruiser I could understand.

Got my tow bar form USA, surely if there was any problems with fitting one of these that manufacturer would have been penalised for making and fitting.

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If you think about it, the CT ( and the prius for all it matters) transmission is designed to pull 41/2 adult passengers and bags along roads which are a mixture of climbs and descents at a reasonable turn of speed in all manner of ambient temperatures. The engine,suspension and brakes are also designed with these parameters in mind too. If we were to live in a country where there were no laws governing how one used their own vehicle, no type approval, no claims on manufacturers etc then the law of common sense would return to the fore. Common sense would show that the cars are designed to deliver a certain amount of performance in terms of hauling loads long distances; common sense would show that it really didnt matter all that much whether the load was in the form of one fat driver and a luggage load of 400kg equalling a total load of half a tonne or one fat driver, 3 medium build passengers, one child and a load of baggage in the boot and on the roof totaling half a tonne. Does it not follow that if it werent for the various rules it would be ok to run the cars with a medium build driver and passenger towing a trailer with an all up weight of 1/4 tonne? ( provided that the tow hitch attachment points were robust enough?)

Clearly, the type approval and also the manufacturers and insurers concern relates to the people who could try to move total loads which were in excess of the capability of the car. In the case of our cars, i would suspect that the electrical motor, the inverter, the traction Battery and possibly the transmission would be susceptible to damage through overloading.

I notice that the 7 seater Prius doesnt run as economically as the 5 seater prius and I assume that in order to protect the car against overloading the prius plus utilises lower overall gearing.

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I wouldnt tow anything with a CT. I personally would only fit a rear mounted bike rack and nothing else.

Let us know how you get on with your towing experience. After all, its what this site is about.......isn't it?

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So glad I found this thread :hocus-pokus:

have just bought a CT200h and also need a towbar. I don't want to tow
anything at all, but want to carry bikes regularly and towbar mounted
racks are the best and safest by far- total weight less than any fat
bloke in the back.

The other good news is that we have rellies in the States :shifty:

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Does any one know if the CT200h can tow a small folding camper (relatively low kerb weight, but don't know it off-hand)?

Hope some one can help, as I know they don't factory fit.



i have found this car at my local dealer

and if you look at the image of the rear there is a detachable towbar fitted with electrics

i am sure if towing is a no no with the ct, then a lexus main dealer wouldn't be selling it on the forecourt

as they would have to guarantee the car not knowing if any damage had been caused..

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