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Is250 Rattle From B Pillar

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Hi, wanted to know if any can help me out with this rattle on the drivers side B-Pillar in my dads 2007 IS250?

I have been looking on here and other forums and seen that quite a few people had a similar problem, but can't seem to find out what was causing it and how to get rid of it??

The car is still under warranty and the dealer has already had to sort out other issues including the vvti noise, vsc light and a squeaky dash. It was a pain and not expected from Lexus to have so many faults on a 3 year old car.

However they did take care of everything and it is running really well now. What a superb car, my dad is loving it more and more every day. It's just this one small issue.

The problem is it goes away every time a technician inspects the noise on a test drive, and I've noticed it more in the evenings possibly due to the temperature.

It seems to be coming from the area behind the seat belt adjuster, right by the drivers ear at speeds over 20mph and over bumps/ rough surfaces.

The seals around the door have already been replaced, can any one give any other suggestions?

Many Thanks.

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I know you said B pillar but it's most probably the door catch on the drivers side! Wrap a small amount of insulation tape around the catch. It's a common problem and an easy fix :winky:

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If you hear rattle then it most likely is cause by something near the surface and not deep inside the dash, otherwise you won hear it. Find everything that is loose and do something about it! Hope this helps !

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