Knocking Noise Advice!

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Hi guys

I have a 01 IS200 and I have a knocking noise from front left hand side when I turn right. Its just one knock then stops. Can anyone point me in the right direction...many thanks in advance!

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Hello and welcome to the LOC.

The brake caliper slider pins are a common cause for your problem, they seize in the caliper mount and cause the caliper to knock when cornering with the brakes applied gently.

Try taking the same corner without the brakes applied to see if the noise goes to confirm.

Depending on the state of the caliper pins they can either be freed off,regreased and refitted or replaced at around £10.00 each.

There are of course other possible causes such as top and bottom ball joints, suspension bushes or even a wheel bearing.

It may also be worth checking the wheel nuts are all tight and correctly torqued.

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Did u ever find out what this is? I have the exact same thing and it's doing my head in!

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