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Coolent Loss Is220D


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Hello All

I was wondering if anyone could confirm if my is220d has a head gasket problem.

I have recently purchased an 06 is220d with 112000 miles on the clock and have covered a further 7000 miles over the past 2 months. I recently noticed some coolant loss from the overflow pipe on the coolant tank. It seems to only loose coolant whilst I am driving at motorway speeds and revs above 2,500rpm. Low revs and speed seem to have little or no effect.

When I unscrew the cap there seems to be a lot of pressure which causes further coolant to escape from the overflow pipe.

There doesnt seem to be any power loss and all is fine when the tank is topped up.

I have read on here about the extended warranty but it seems I may be just out of this cover :( Lexus replaced a bulb the other day and said they couldnt find any leaks and suggested I keep an eye on the coolant level.

Is this a head gasket problem and if soany tips on how I may get the extended warranty to help me out? Would a coolant system stop leak additive help here or would this be a waste of time? If no chance with the extended warranty then would I be best to get a non Lexus dealership to replace the gasket to reduce the potential £6000 bill?

Thanks for any help.


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Mine had the same problem and it was confirmed to be the head gasket. I am having a new engine, modified EGR unit and they have "cleaned out the catalytic convertor and the diesel particulate filter". I am picking up my car next Tuesday. My car is a 2006 with 70K and it is under 7yrs and below 110K which qualifies the car for the free claim.

Do you have a Lexus extended warranty? The cost is 760 pounds per year. With this they will do the job.

In your last paragraph you mention that they could not do something. WHAT was it, have they refused your claim?

The only thing I can suggest is to ask your dealer to consider your claim with 112K. You will soon get smoke in your exhaust gases, oil and water will start mixing and problems with the catalytic convertor and the diesel particular filter.

Good luck and keep us posted.

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Hello Prash

Thanks for your info.

I asked my Lexus dealer to have a look at what caused the coolant leakage and they said they couldnt find anything wrong. I didnt know at the time about any issues with the head gasket so I left it there.

Hello Steve2006

I purchased the car around a month or so ago.

I purchased it from a non Lexus dealer.

The car has a Full Lexus Service History.

It seemed ok today when I drove it at normal speed around town, no leakage but I'm guessing when I hit the motorway tomorrow I will have trouble again :(

Regards, Dave.

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I have got the exact same situation with my lexus is220d, so how did you get on in the end? im planning to give lexus a ring tomorrow and see what they can do, as my headgasket was done at 65k mileage and now its at 91 and it really does seem stupid and dissappointing to have it done again!!

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This is a tricky one. Lexus initially carried out the repair to the head gasket and gave a one year warranty, but soon found out that it was failing again. So they have now started replacing the engine which has been re-engineered. Is it more than a year since the repair at 65k? You really have to point out that this is not normal for the head gasket to fail after covering just 26k!

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My one has exactly the same problem but less mileage, mine has packed up after 16K miles, its quite ridiculous, im going to be popping over to the reading Lexus on Wednesday and see what they can do as mine has only covered 92K mileage and is a 07 plate.. not very happy

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