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Air Suspension "off" Light Blinking

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Hello to all!

Recently, on my 350 SE-L , on the dash by he rev counter, below the three green diodes for the suspension settings, a yellow " OFF" has started blinking.

It began a few days ago with the VSC and engine management light on, then those disappeared followed by the "OFF" light. Could be anything I suppose, have visions of big bills etc

Ride is normal though, but obviously won't go up and down. Last night I attempted, on level ground (?!), when after starting the engine, the light didnt come on, to raise and lower the car.. Heard a strange creaking, unhealthy sound, returned to normal and hasn't changed. On all the ime now.

Will probably have to let closest Lexus have a look. Could anyone shed any further light on this or had previous similar issues.

Many thanks in advance, Andy

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I would have the diagnostic codes read before doing anything else as this will assist in finding the problem, doesn't have to be Lexus any decent garage should be able to plug in a code reader and tell you the codes.

Once you have this information come back with it.

There have been problems with the height sensors on some models.

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Thanks for that Steve. Phoned a few garages who were happy to diagnose only engine ECU codes and nothing else.

Found a great independent Lexus/Toyota garage, diagnosed and fixed!

Cleared all other codes, main 2 were exhaust solenoid and I can't exactly remember the second... basically the compressor had power running to it constantly, found a wire that had corroded due to prior water ingress and apparently shoddy repair, re-wired, tested, all done and ok.

Garage: UKTEKNICS in Maidenhead.

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Hi time boy,

It may not be dead!

If the compressor runs for more than 90secs cause one or more of you airbags are "leaky" or a height control sensor is bad, the computer will disable the system for 10mins of driving once the car is fully warmed up (fault code C1752 is logged).

It will then let the compressor come back on again, but will disable it after another 90secs of continuous operation but this time for 70mins of driving - the problem is that this is a cumulative 70mins and the car has to be driven or complete a warm up (the countdown then begins) and then cool down (the countdown stops). Several short trips will take a while before the system resets.

During all the above it appears that your compressor may be dead but it is just the computer protecting it!

Unlike most usual faults that clear after 3 starts, warm up and stops (ignition cycles) this one has the timer to factor in as well.

I have a similar situation with mine at the moment and I also thought it was compressor related, testing fuses and relays etc.

I've not taken my compressor apart but believe it is in the boot space or around that area.

If you want to test if it is the above, you could try resetting the ECU by disconnecting the Battery for half an hour or if you take it to Toyota/Lexus (or independent) get them to read and give you the fault codes and reset/clear them.

It takes about 10minutes and they plug a device or laptop into the connector under the dash near the bonnet release.

Hope this helps!

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Code C1752 is continuous current to compressor, I believe.

It can be caused by a bad wire as the original poster described but is also logged if the suspension airbags are not holding pressure (keeps compressor permanently on topping up the lost air).

Colin is spot on - you need to really get the codes read as these gadgets will also tell you if one or more bags are leaking air.

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Many thanks for that

Good information to know will hopefully have a look over weekend I do get a slight bang from front left shock over bumps so am suspecting shock has gone

I just thought with shock gone compressor would stil continue and I should hear constant air noise so I assumed faulty compressor or witing

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no been waiting to pick up a cheap working strut which i managed to find on wednesday

got to change strut it bang quite bad and after jacking each wheel up the front left moves alot on the top mount the others are solid so will change this hopefully next week and then see what i can do to compressor had Battery of overnight put on reset seat positions and windows but havnt still heard compressor since Battery back on also the height switch stil reads N and no movement yet so will check fuse power etc and see if i can slowly eliminate components one at a time i reset vsc light which hasnt come back on

was also thinking about 4 coil overs but not sure what other problems i may encounter by removing the air other than this car is absolutely superb without a single other fault

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Hi Richard,

Have you been able to get your fault codes read?

If the Battery off trick didn't kick it back to life, I would check the wiring to the compressor for breaks or a gunged up harness/connector.

I'll have a look for some Schrader valves (same as tyre valves) and adapters online as I'd like to make a manual air feed connector for the struts, this way (assuming your bags aren't leaking badly) you can manually inflate each corner so you can at least drive your Lex and have time to work on the compressor. It would also allow us to test the struts when off the car.

Thank you for your update, as you said, the cars are excellent apart from this annoying prob!

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Hi All,

Just thought I would share my experience with others as the posts in this forum certainly helped me get through my air suspension problem on my 2004 RX300 SE-L at 86000 miles.

I made a 3 point turn and heard a loud metallic clunk noise coming from the rear of the car when I reversed. All seemed ok when I drove home that evening.

Next morning, I drove the car and the ride was very strange and felt bouncing but steered ok without drifting. I looked down at the dash and discovered the yellow "OFF" light slowly blinking under the H-N-L indicator. When I stopped I could not hear the suspension air pump operating. I turned off ignition then back on and the OFF came on but went out again. but when I started to drive the OFF indicator began flashing again.

I read the posts of Chris Kaye and others and assumed the suspension ECU had gone into safe mode to protect the pump. However, the suspension remained stable and level in the N position and stuck in the N setting. All this did happen and Chris was correct.

I took the car to my local garage who plugged in a diagnostic reader and discovered the code C1714 present in the system. This was defect on Rear Nearside height sensor. I was quoted approx £400 for a new Lexus sensor or £250 for a used eBay supply. However, on closer inspection the mechanic noticed a metal piece on the rear sensor was broken and after a bit of basic engineering, fabricating a metal repair the assembly was put back together and system tested.

The ECU did not need to be cleared by disconnecting the car Battery as the pump just started to level up the car again. minor adjustments were made and the Yellow OFF blinking disappeared and the up/down switch became active again raising and lowering the car as it should.

A test drive proved faultless and a final bill for £97 sent me on my way with a large smile knowing I had a lucky escape of not having to pay a mega large bill for a pump, sensors or air bag struts. A simple fix indeed after my initial concerns.

Many thanks to all who posted on here it certainly helps anyone to steer in the right course in problem solving without running off to the Lexus main dealer every time.


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There's another thread on here, Phil, about where you can source a metal rod replacement that I think your mechanics patched up for you (in case the patch doesn't hold) - the parts are around £15 from memory!

Most importantly, you now know the name of the 'bit' - the height sensor, in case you have to search the forum! :)

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