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Paint Peeling Issue - Front Bumper

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Hello All,

Merry Christmas!!

I was wondering if I could take your opinion on a paint peeling issue occurring on the front bumper of my IS220d (58 reg).

I've been back to the dealership where I purchased the vehicle (second hand in January 2012) and they say it's stone chip damage. I'm dubious as there are numerous large (certainly bigger than stone chip size) flaky/peeling paint (not chips). It happens on both sides of the bumper too which seems a bit coincidental! The first 3 photos attached are of this peeling paint issue - has anyone else had the same problem? Is this really stone chip damage?

Also on the roof of the car is a circular paint problem - i'm not sure how to describe this. Looks like it's ever slightly "bubbly". This is the 4th and 5th picture. Has anyone had this occur in the past/know what the cause might be?

Any info would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks!







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I had this happen on the front spoiler. Dealer said it was due to moisture creep under the stone chips. They wouldn't fix it, so I had to go to my mates place who is a top class car paint expert. He said it was due to accident damage, and poor spray repair. If the solvent isn't removed completely before spraying, it leaches into the paint causing it to crack and peel. Still, as far as I am concerned it was £400.00 well spent. They do a thing called a Pull test, and that determines how easy the paint peels. This way they know if. There has been a poor paint job repair. I also know there can be problems with the water based paint that lexota use.


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The patch on the roof is down to bird lime etching. It may be possible to use a polishing compound to reduce the effect, but not always possible to completely eradicate.

Any bird poop on the car wash it off immediately, it's very bad for water based clear coat.

The bumper seems to suggest a poor repair at some time in the cars life, certainly not stone chips.

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Normally a standard home use pressure washer won't cause problems if used properly ( don't use high pressure nozzle). However if you have damaged or chipped paint work, water can be forced under the damaged paint and cause peeling. Here are some details on pressure washer psi...

1000-1900 PSI - cars, boats, gutters, bricks, fence, deck, etc ...

2000-2900 PSI – Houses, airplanes, bricks, truck fleets, pools, patios, sidewalks, etc.

3000-5000 PSI - Stripping paint, Industrial, heavy greese stains, stubborn concrete spots, etc.

Maximum 1200 psi would be my recommendation, but set on spray setting. Hope his helps.


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Hello All,

Thanks for all your responses so far! I do get my car washed via a pressure washer at the local car wash but had been using it for years with my prior vehicle (Mazda) without any problems. I can appreciate that if a condition exists then certainly a presuure washer may make things worse...

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Bumper paint does look like bad key when painted at some time has it had any paint repairs you know of?

does it peel easy if pulled ??

Roof bleaching as per other post i had this also its bird poo or similar acidic goes into the clear coat causes a very similar look on my own car a few years back poliched with machine taken 70% out but alkways know its there/.


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I have the same problem as the fourth and fifth pictures here. Paint has bubbled and peeled off, Now through to grey primer underneath. Can I repair myself? I was quoted £350 to repair and its too much for me just now.

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I got a paint bubble forming on the edge of the bonnet lid, Lexus said its probably been caused by a stone chip and water gradually seeping in over time.. Needless to say it wasn't covered under the perforation guarantee!! It hasn't flaked off yet so I'll leave it until such time it requires attention.

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I had the same problem, i got the full bumper painted and the car polished £160 all in and a good job done,

if any one is local to Bishop Auckland i can give you the number

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