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Iphone 5, Grom, And 30-Pin To Lightning Adapters

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Just thought it worth note to fellow Iphone and Grom users; I can (finally) confirm that From units do indeed work with Iphone 5 when using a genuine apple 30-pin to Lightning adapter.

I bought a couple of cheap ones off eBay last week; one for £2.45 that said it only syncs and charges, and a slightly pricier one (£5.99) that said it does sync and charge, as well as audio. Both arrived, and unfortunately, neither worked with the Grom. They both charged the Iphone when connected to the Grom's 30-pin plug, but music wasn't passed through to the stereo (came out the phone's speaker) and no control either.

So decided to take a run down to the apple Store today, with the car, and get one, thinking I'd try it and if it didn't work I could simply return it. Grabbed one, back out the carpark, plugged it in and it both charges, and passes audio to the stereo (and still retains all headunit controls too)

£25, but I reckon if they're gonna be using this Lightning connector for the next ten years (and they used the 30pin for about that length of time) then it's not so bad.

So there you go!

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good to know, thanks for sharing :)

Actually, here's a question for ya: If someone rings you, does the phone pickup your voice via its built-in microphone or via the external Bluetooth mic connected to the GROM unit?

(if I remember correctly, you have the GROM Bluetooth module as well?)

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Neither, as I don't have a BT module ;) When it rings, the music pauses, and you take the call normally.

What's interesting is on iOS5, you could have the headphones plugged in at the same time as using the Grom, and the audio from the Grom still worked. When iOS6 came along, plugging the headphones in mutes the audio output, which is annoying as I use the headphones with mic for phone calls when driving, and with iOS5 on my Iphone 4, I'd plug them in along with the Grom, and when a call came in, the music would be paused (by iPhone), you answer the call, and when you hang up, the music resumed. For some reason, that was overlooked in iOS6, and the idea of having both the Grom and the headphones plugged in at the same time was thrown out the window by the audio output being muted when the headphones are plugged in, so I have to faff around unplugging the Grom, detangling the headphones (which no matter how carefully I coil them, they always get tangled), plugging them in and answering the call - all before the person calling gives up!

I'm tempted to get the BT module, but it's £50 and I so rarely take calls in the car (if I drove it a lot, like I do my works van, then it'd make sense, but it's not really a priority for the IS)

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