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Next IS200/Altezza


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WEll Guys

Even though it does not look that nice like the present one, we can still be happy that it does not look like the Ford Scorpio or the new BMW 7 Series or the ugly looking BMW Compact, which has its back copied from our beloved car!!!!!

Besides those were just prototypes wait until the real one comes out and we will all get used to the new shape. I am sure with cool tyres and lowered suspension it will be a look at object!!!!



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...which has its back copied from our beloved car...

Have you noticed the front and rear lights on the latest Ford Mondeo? Look kinda familiar? I guess it shows how good the styling of the IS200 is if other manufacturers want to copy it. I wish they'd try being creative and do something differnt though - I don't want my car to look like a Ford!

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Not only like a Mondeo also like the face lifted VW Passat, I know that a lot are doing some copying lately, and the worse thing about is that those germans claim the new model of the Mondeo, BMW Compact and Passat as the new edge model and revoluntary although Lexus has launched its is200 back in 1998/1999.

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