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Remote central locking not working!

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Hi, I'm new here and happened to stumble across this forum while trying to find some information on a problem with my remote central locking before passing to Lexus to look at.

Basically I had double-locked the car using the remote keyfob and opened the boot on return to the car later but forgot ti disarm the system so of course the alarm went off. I cleared it by unlocking the whole car with the wireless keyfob but ever since then the remote hasn't worked. It's the same with three sets of keys for the car so while it may be battery it's not likely. Has anyone else had experience of this?

Oh yeah, it's a '99 T IS200 Sport - standard! (After seeing some of the other descriptions on here felt I'd better add that! ;))

Other than a squeaky passenger seat (not that unusual from what I've read on here!) it's an otherwise beautiful car to drive!

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I've come across it a few times now.

It sounds like the "Door Lock Reciever Unit" has gone down,which is situated behind the rear shelf.

If it is that the only thing you can do is to have your local Lexus dealer replace it

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Oh well, thought I'd ask just in case there was a cheap, i.e. free resolution to the problem! :D

It's funny, after reading a few of the threads on here I'm starting to feel like I should begrudge spending any money that isn't going to make the car go faster! ;)

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If the car is less than 3 yrs old and has not done more than 60,000 miles it will still have a valid warranty.

It doesn't matter how many owners it's had

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By pressing the boot release on the key pauses the alarm until the boot is closed again.Try opening with the key and the alarm sounds straight away

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