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    I did that move and if you like the IS300H you will love the GS300H. It is another level up in build quality and refinement. The engine is pretty much inaudible and I am getting a consistent 45 mpg with normal driving and I am not a slow driver. Luxury spec has all the toys as standard. Heated cooled leather electricly adjustable seats, blind spot warning. reverse camera front & rear parking sensors led interior lights, ambient lighting in doors. The standard non ML stereo sounds better to. It doesnt support Album Art from the USB or have Gracenote though. Good Luck. Ed
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    Hello all, Can't believe that i've managed to buy a Lexus. Pick up my new toy tomorrow
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    The passenger seat is at a fixed height as said. My Premier has the folding mirrors which I always leave on auto so they pop out when I unlock the doors. It would be interesting to know if the loom for these does exist even if not fitted. I'm pretty sure I read somewhere about this on the US forum. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I bought a Passat years ago and when I went to pick it up one of the salesmen said they'd show me round all the features. I was like, no need, I know this car inside out - have spent the last 12 weeks reading up about it on the internet. So i left with the car. 4 months later I was coming out of tesco with a load of bags and walked up to the boot and someone else was walking along the path next to me, so I stepped off the kerb to let them past, in turn putting my foot under the bumper, and blow me down the boot opened! I figured I must have pressed the button in my pocket by mistake. So I tried it again, and low and behold it did that as a feature. I was so ridiculously excited, I dragged the other half out of the house when I got home and was like, look at this..! Needless to say I promised myself to pay more attention to the sales talk next time I bought a new car, as I wasn't aware of a feature for 4 months which was, at the time, one of the most exciting things ever. haha.
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    Hi, I'm trading up from a Prius so well used to the hybrid drivetrain. Yep, its Executive trim
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    Tesla are an up and coming company and what they are doing is interesting & exciting. They are still experimenting and for most not a viable alternative to a ice car. Anyone who is prepared to spend upwards of £60k on one is brave to say the least. I would rather something more reliable, better made & more developed. The doors on the Model X are pointless over engineered and will quite likely always be unreliable. Why not normal open & close doors which work? £60k would give you a choice of some superb cars. I was on the M40 last week in a traffic jam and there was a Model S on the shoulder about to be winched onto a recovery truck. Maybe just out of electric as the traffic had been crawling along for ages. Ed
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    Thanks for the tip, Tony, and yes, I do. My dashcam is permanently plugged in, but it's in the centre armrest, quite a way from the radio. However, I'll try unplugging it, and report back.
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    I did similar sums when I bought my RX350 in 2013. At the time the cost of a hybrid version was considerably more that the simple petrol only 350. Certainly the running costs for the petrol version were a bit higher (more road tax, higher fuel consumption) but the initial coast was considerably lower. Curiously the cost difference in 2006 (the year of the car I eventually bought) was only £2-3,000 when new but in 2013 the difference in the second hand value (350 vs 450) was over £7,000. You get a lot of petrol for £7K even at today's prices! Add in the experience of some forum members with failure of batteries and an occasional inverter and the view that servicing for a 450 needed to be done by a Lexus agent whereas the 350 could easily be serviced by a reliable independent then over 5 years the sums clearly favoured the 350. On our fairly limited mileage the same arguments applied to a LPG conversion. Many people seem to get overheated about fuel consumption and seem prepared to pay a lot of money for a new car which saves a few MPG. Fuel is not the major cost of ownership and the overall difference of small savings in MPG is not much. For the 350/450 comparison on 5,000 mile per annum I calculated it would be no more than about £300 based on actual experience of achieved MPG rather than manufacturer's figures. Add a bit for saving on road tax but take of savings for servicing and the overall difference is probably less than £500 a year. I did not take into account the eventual resale value after 5 years ownership and the 450 would almost certainly get a better price than a 350 but I suspect that by then (for a car 12+ years old) but the overall figure would probably be much closer to the initial difference between he new cost than the second hand cost when I bought the car. |Since I dislike changing carts and tend to keep them until they cost more to service than they are worth as long as they are not causing any trouble this is less relevant to me anyway. I understand the the 450 is quite a different "drive" to the 350 as well because of the way the 4WD operates (petrol to the front wheels and electric to the rear for 450 so it alternates between 2WD & 4WD whereas 350 is AWD all the time) so I may not like the 450 anyway. Whatever you decide good luck and I hope you and your wife enjoy your final choice.
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    Not sure if this helps but I've got a 2013 RX450h which I've owned for nearly 12 months and as far as running cost go I've now covered 13000 miles at an average of 37mpg (I can got 40 mpg if I try hard) and I've spent absolutely nothing on it, no repairs just going to have a service but nothing else. #reallyhappy 😀
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    Ganzoom, I think you are right, ev / fuel cell / hydrogen is the future. But I need something that works now.
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    Ganzoom, your TV comparison is valid but it's like paying £15k for a flat screen telly when they first came out and now they are as little as a few hundred pounds. EV is part of the future motoring solution but ICE cars won't completely disappear. Sick to death hearing about Tesla on this feed. Why don't you just sell the Lexus and order a second Tesla and stop ramming EV down our throats. Musk must be laughing all the way to bank with guys like you. Enjoy the swift trips back to the shop for lots of warranty visits. The rest of us will have to slum it in our outdated old reliable Hybrids.
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    the carista app is great i've had it for afew years now ,i did enable the long press for windows down and luckily for me i put all the windows down during the summer months so i still had a dry car ,the worst thing is you really dont know you have pressed the button so it could happen at any time. if you do enable it make sure you've been to specsavers so you dont press the wrong button in error lol
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    Morning everyone, So I own 450h in the UK and though I was enjoying the car - well till yesterday :) im writing this post from east Germany which mean I spend good few hours yesterday on Germans motorways and I must say I can see how much of the car I was missing so far. Cruising at 120mph is so effortless and touching 155mph wasn't problematic but road must be extra smooth. My everyday 70-80mph sound silly now and that car wasn't created for that for sure :) As for mpg it was 39 up to Germany border but later dropped to 36 whole trip average - which I think is brilliant with 3 peoples and a lot of stuff. Saying all that it would be so sad to get back home to our everyday 70-80mph which is just a walk in the park for our sprinter.
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    I thought I do a write up on replacing the puddle light bulb in the door mirror. I didn't take photos of this but have followed and used photos from the US CT forum. I replaced the capless bulb with a standard one and not LED. Firstly move the mirror to its highest setting (pointing up) to gain access to the underneath of it. Using a trim removal tool or a covered flat head screwdriver prise the mirror upwards to release it from the clips. Do the same for the top of the mirror. Looks like this after. Inside you'll see 5 screws. Remove all of them to release the outer mirror cover. This will leave the mirror looking like this. The puddle light unit is in the bottom of the assembly. Release the light unit from its holder and unscrew the bulb holder to change the bulb. Which is one of these. Before reassembly check that it works by locking the car with the remote and unlocking. Refitting is as removal but make sure the indicator lamp is aligned back up otherwise the mirror cover will not fit correctly. Caution: When removing mirror glass be patient to part it from its clips with gentle force otherwise it'll break. When refitting apply pressure to the centre of the mirror glass until it clicks back on its mountings. I hope this is of help to anyone if they have to do the same. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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