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  1. iPhone app

    I joined a number of years ago and on top purchased the LOC owners club iPhone app for an additional fee, is there any legitimate reason why this app can be no longer updated on iPhone ?? Or have the developers just kept the money and failed to update the app?
  2. LOC club stickers

    Why has the iPhone app not been updated for support. I paid for the app when I originally joined but the developers have not updated since and now now not supported by iPhone meaning app is useless. Poor form
  3. Windscreen Damaged

    Autoglass offer a lifetime guarantee for all their work as long as you own the vehicle. This is much more than any dealer!! Glass companies fit thousands and thousands more windscreens than any franchised dealer. Glass quality is generally good but always insist on OEM quality which does not necessarily mean it will have car manufacturer stamp.
  4. Windscreen Damaged

    OE is car manufacturer stamped. OEM is of the same standard. Insurers insist on OEM standard which Autoglass supply. Autoglass is owned by the Belron group who are the 3rd largest purchaser of vehicle glass in the world behind Toyota and VW group. They know glass and do it very well. I will declare I know this industry very well!!
  5. NX200t - 300H Black Bison kit

    A big big done on all the work!! But any chance of ever seeing this looking amazing on the actual car??
  6. Owning a GS is a super experience, disappointing if they discontinued. However I think the next generation ES would improve quite a bit and pretty much tick most of the GS boxes. If not I'll just get next generation IS or NX https://lexusenthusiast.com/2017/05/01/next-generation-lexus-es-to-replace-the-gs-as-global-mid-size-sedan/
  7. A Tesla named Kia........what's the Lexus called ?? Mercedes perhaps.....?
  8. new(ish) is300h premier

    I think the biggest issue with Lexus sound systems is that the standard systems are of very high quality. Many of the Lexus standard sound systems would put other manufacturers premium sound systems to shame. ML is great if configured right but can be hard for most ears to distinguish the difference due to the high quality of the standard system.
  9. Backlighting on center console?

    Technician must have caused it when retro fitting the parking sensors.
  10. Sounds like you didn't do your homework and assumed the car had what you wanted. Why don't you tell the dealer to hold off on the parking sensors and registering the vehicle as it will be easier to change without this done? Everyone says BMW idrive and Audi mmi is great... having had and used both they are not... I can't say Lexus is better but it's no worse. Basic BMW idrive or mmi didn't even stream music until recently. In my opinion all built in sat navs are poor compared to goole maps which is by far better. The standard sound quality in all Lexus systems is comparable to all other manufacturers premium systems.
  11. It's a simple basic repair. Any body shop would do this repair in their sleep. I'd agree Lexus will just send it out. Be fair on the guy. I'd recommended autorestore www.autorestore.co.uk I know for a fact they do a great job with full quality guarantee.
  12. The damage is very minor, looks worse than it is. Easy to repair and no need for new bumper or sensor. The bad look would be taken off by an alcohol wipe. Bread and butter repair for any repairer. Try Auto restore part of the Autoglass group they do great work.
  13. I made the jump last week from IS300h to GS300h. The GS is absolutely fantastic, a lot more comfortable and surprisingly economical despite extra weight. The comfort levels are terrific. I really liked the IS but I now love the GS.
  14. Turn on the heated seats to harden and try use a strong suction vacuum cleaner??
  15. Looks great enjoy. I make the move from a 2014 IS300h to a new GS300h on Wednesday. I went for black with rich cream interior.