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  1. A company car (merc :shutit: ) forces the sale of my RX and so Im selling the private plate seperatly. Its L3 XDS which loooks like L3XUS on the slightly altered 'show plate'. Best offer over a grand gets it, give me a call on 07766772567 or email me at
  2. Hi all, I'm selling my Mk1 RX (I want £10,250 if you're interested) so I'm taking the plate off it and selling it seperatly. The plate is L3 XDS (which is how the legal plate reads, the 'show plate' looks like L3XUS. I paid a sizable wad a couple of years ago, so best bids please - buyer to pay the DVLA transfer fee - £80 I think. And the reason Im selling before you ask is I started a new job at the beggining of the month which came with a Merc company car.
  3. Hi Kent, Im probably looking at £12.5k with the plate to a member, (a bit more if I put it in the trader etc) Ive only had it 6 months and am loathed to get rid of it but cant justify giving it to the wife. Drop me an email at if you are interested.
  4. Well due to starting a new job in a couple of weeks which comes with a company merc Im having to get rid of my RX. Not sure what to ask for it, but shall have a look in trader etc. So if anyone knows anyone who wants one: 2000 (X) RX300 SE Navigator, Blue 81000 Full dealer history Just had major service inc. all belts New rear disks & pads 3 new tyres Private plate L3XDS (looks like L3XUS) I may sell the plate seperatly for the right price :winky:
  5. mine does exactly that, I thought it was when the aircon kicked in, but it doesnt bother me so I havent mentioned it to the dealer.
  6. So are you saying you want £100 for them..... Does anyone out there know if the rails from a mk2 will fit a mk1 (with sunroof)?
  7. I actually prefer the look of the rails on, and I dont have them on my Mk1 - unless you want to sell the ones you took off yours, providing they fit my mk1 :D
  8. I've got an original one for sale too (& only £25 + postage) :D
  9. I dont have a tracker on mine yet Privelage were the cheapest I could find
  10. I have one on my RX300 though it was on when I got it so cant help with price. You can still see it with th ball bit removed though.
  11. I have a spare RX boot liner (the one that goes on the floor), its made out of thick black plastic and has the lexus logo all over it - its the OEM. If anyone wants it, make me an offer, postage will be about a tenner because of its bulky size.
  12. Ive got L3 XDS which, with a bit of subtle persuasion looks like L3XUS, Ive had it for 2 years on the GS with no problems, 3 weeks on the RX and got pulled last week - £30 and plod tells me they now report it to DVLA and if you get nicked again, DVLA take the number of you and issue a 'Q' plate :duh: But according to plod it was all 'in my interest' yeh, right.
  13. 39, full ncb, 1 claim, 6 points, £350 fully comp - Prilage Insurance :D
  14. thats the ones that run front to back.
  15. Anyone got a pair of roof rails/bars (the ones that run front to back) for a 2000 RX300?
  16. I searched ebay and couldnt find it :mat: They do come up quite a lot though. I managed to get a spare road liner for 99p + postage
  17. I'd like some info on this too as I have just changed my GS for an RX which I got from a non Lexus garage. It came with 6 months non Lexus warrenty but I would like the reasurance of the Lexus one. My brother has it on his GS and it coveres him for just about everything, I think.
  18. I agree, contact Lexus GB, the number must be on here somewhere. You leave a deposit by credit card, they loan you the dvd and you get the deposit back on return. Any problems getting one, drop me an email and I'll see if I can sort it for you.
  19. Its only a 2000 on an 'X' (I am but a poor government employee :D )
  20. Hi all, Just made the move from GS300 to RX300, pick up the car on Wednesday. I have a couple of questions. 1. Where can I get a roof spoiler from without going to the dealer? 2. Same question for a set of luggage racks/roof bars? 3. Is there anything I need to watch out for (eg. the front suspension bearings on the GSm are a common problem)? Thanks in advance
  21. I sold my first GS300 when it got to 177000 miles and was still running sweet as anything My GS300 II has got 130000miles on and I'm not getting rid just yet
  22. You do indeed need the following: Warning triangle (2 for Spain) Shiny yellow reflective vest for each passenger (& driver) Bulb set GB sticker on rear of vehicle (Euro badge on number plate wil suffice) Stick on headlight beam deflector If you have a laser jammer - take it out, the frogs seize your car if they find one, they also dont like the detectors but you get to keep your car. All your driving documents - its worth while photocopying them as well in case you have to hand one over, keep the originals safe. And last, but not least UKD, lots of sun tan lotion as the weather predictions for next week look great.
  23. They tried to deliver on Friday but I have been away for the weekend. Picked them up yesterday. Thanks very much indeed, the beers are on me if we bump into each other at a meet.
  24. I bought them from the lexus dealer, think they costs about £155 with the gold members discount. I am planning to go to france in the week beginning 20th June 2005 only for the week. If that time is not clashing with your travel arrangements then yes you can borrow them. It may also be possible to copy it but perhaps I shoudl not say that over the forum. I am based in South London are you also in London. ← Hi andybriggs, regarding the disc please email me on ← Email on its way. cheers
  25. If I was worried about mpg I would have a Peugot 106 diesel I havent a clue what my Mk 2 GS300 does to the gallon, I never check the computer thingy on the sat nav to find out. All I know is I get around 300 miles to each fill up (which is twice a week just to get to and from work), but more importantly I LOVE DRIVING THE CAR, I've done the small diesel hatch thing in a vain atempt to save a few quid, I had it 2 weeks and sold it and bought something with a bit more comfort. Lets face it, if you want fuel economy, a Lexus isnt neccesarily the car for you. Now if you want great handling, quiet luxurious motoring, thats a different thing altogether. :D