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  1. Mate , couldn't believe it , feel better since we spoke on the dog , apparently this is happening all over Town , its organised gangs mostly all immigrants , s'not good watched a prog on it and there's £200k p/a from our economy going awol cos of it . main thing is your in one bit bud , ya can buy another phone ............ only 1 you . If ya do get any info give us a tinkle eh !! Seeya soon mate Paul .
  2. Just about sums it up ....Man U tickets can't give em away . Lol . Sorry peeps couldn't resist , tis truly a noble offer tho .
  3. Deeply and Truly moved , Tony for his loss and for the quality of You people to give such wonderful and heart felt words , I like wozza....lost my Dad to cancer at 18 probably when a boy needs him the most , he was 57 and I was lost . remember the good times Tony and save a smile . Gone but never forgotten . Best wishes and prayers for you mate . Regards Paul.
  4. IMO I don't care F1 is as boring as cricket .LOL I'm off to watch some paint dry .
  5. Get a Bic and some shaving foam and job done mate , looks strange tho , can't think why you want to do it >.LOL.
  6. Valid points all I think Rob , yes it would be nice to have a cure for all ailments and diseases but with that comes the realistic element of overcrowding on the planet , I believe thigs like world wars and incurable diseases are , somehow nature's way of keeping the population in check , its no secret that "Man" now has a greater lifespan than ever and the population is ever increasing , add them together and there you have it , reasons for destoying rain forests and green belt land for accomodation . Yes I do want to know what this experiment holds and what answers come of it but if after its finished we get nothing , then what ? I will cetainly want some form of improvement for "Mankind" , a cure for cancer would be the top of my list so lets all hope its not a huge white elephant and we all live through it . What I do object to is the UK ploughing £34Million a year out of our economy into it , surely whoever brought out Man City could do this couldn't they , but its us again paying for it , its immoral. Regards Paul.
  7. Brake fluid is'nt red mate , its usually power steering fluid thats red , brake fluid is clear / tan like normal oil but very much thinner , if you are using your aircon when the puddle appears then that puddle is normal under the car ,but it shouldn't be green it should be just water its not a leak , my guess is to have your air con recharged and you will get ice cold air again . Regards paul.
  8. But the wheels dont look as good Lol , yeah your right Adrian , but give it a few months , let her get used to it fully and a set of 18"'s are heading its way along with a few engine mods , I've just done the cambelt (what a BAS"""D) and I'm now looking into smoothing the throttle body and gasflowing the head amongst my ideas but I'm keeping a few close to heart . Regards Paul.
  9. Well done Regan , most people would of just phoned plod and by the time they got there the crims would of been on their bike , to do what you did really takes minerals mate , there was no way of you knowing if they were armed or whatever so top marks mate , straight in , no thought for your safety , a Man after my own heart . Quality . Regards Paul. B)
  10. Sold my IS 200 sport and luckily got what I wanted for it plus I took the rims off and sold them too so I guess I done it at the right time . I think that within the current climate you'd probably be better off keeping the Lex , maybe after a change in Gov't things may pick up , if it does'nt and the trend in fuel prices continues to rise and the tax is going to cost more and more each year then its down to the individual if he's (or She's) willing to lose money on their car . I for one am sad that my Lexus is gone , I'm just glad it went to someone that does'nt live by me so I won't keep seeing it , that said I must say that my replacement (Clio 172 Sport 172) is great fun and my missus drives it easily , nuff said . Regards Paul. B)
  11. I know its the way forward and we'll have to wait till Oct 21st till the first particle collisions to occur so lets make hay while the sun shines (or doesn't in the UK) , Many treatments are found in medicine and science by mistakes made lets just hope that any mistakes haven't any catastrophic results for us as human beings to deal with , with that in mind , the brainy dude in the wheelchair and the 80's electro-pop voice says its all cool , mind you He could be secretly waving us all goodbye as his life isn't exactly a rush is it ? he could be lulling us all into a false sense of security and taking us all down with " Yes sure It'll be just fine ". Seriously though , the spin on this is one of disdain and I'm pretty sure that the worlds leading heads on this stuff wouldn't subject us to such a disaster , If they did though who would be there to say " well that was a waste of cash , we'd better lock you up you've just killed millions of people " . What does lie thick in my head is the fact that I believe that Mankind will be wiped out by his own hand , lets hope its not in this deck eh ! . Regards Paul.
  12. What tyre sizes are you running ? What wheel sizes/offset are you running ? Are your the plain Chrome ? Mr Moles have a kind of Dark Chrome effect in different light. Stunning wheels :D Its running on 215/35/19's which are far too thin and i dont think suit the car. They are 19x8 and i think the offset is ET42 but would have to check. They have like a diamond cut lip and aluminium effect centre which i think look really nice, need to lower it thi....hehe Know what your saying mate , I had 213/35-19's on mine and I changed the rears to 225/35-19's and the kerbing lip protected the rim a lot more . To be honest I was initially worried about rubbing on full locks but I'm sure the 225's would be ok all round , its just the expense of it all I'm lucky as I have many friends in the tyre game and got the 225's for £40.00 each .
  13. Its always a good idea to have your oe wheels for really bad weather conditions and salted roads but if you treat your wheels they should be okay , the ones I had were taken off one at a time , clayed , polished , waxed (with Collinite marque-D-ellegance) and finally done with Bilt & Hamber Auto Balm . I think that should protect them for a while but I'd suggest keeping on top of them , ooeeerr ! B)
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