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  1. Do it yourself is the only safe option to know if job has been completed. If you ask for return of bits how do you know they came from your car. There are lots of good car service garages, try and get references. Most garage will do a good job, but the few spoil it. But ask to see the bits and possible photos of work this my indicate that you are not a walkover. good luck
  2. I had same problem with SGS as there computer informs them that they do not stock this item for IS250 in fact they do it is there was reference to this 2017 Lexus owners club forum 2017 /is/gsc2655-lexus-is300-boot-strut I replaced mine on is250 2006 in 2017 cost £52-78 for pair hope this helps Mike
  3. Replace the struts, relatively easy job, purchased from ebay I did this on my IS250 2006 boot now lifts with only a little effort and closes without slamming
  4. My IS250 2006 70k miles Just changed spark plugs always keep engine and suspension clean
  5. I have a IS250 2006 with rear camera only any one know if sensor wiring loom is fitted in FRONT bumper area as i would like to fit sensors Thanks
  6. have had car since 55k miles, service history not clear if they were replaced, the box was ticked at 30k no indication why. Will check when we come out of isolation and can get home.
  7. When would you advise to change spark plugs? 70k miles IS250 petrol , engine running smoothly, fantastic car do i spend £140 +DIY or leave it alone, only do about 5k miles per year Thanks Mike
  8. SL did it myself not too difficult if you have replaced disks and pads before.
  9. My IS250 2006 calipers 56k miles were seized when I purchased car. could not free seized sliding pins. Replaced calipers with Lexus parts were not too expensive. OEM pads and disks were replaced at same time. Job was not too difficult. I now grease sliders every year.
  10. Fantastic car had it for five years It has always been like that. I think it must be me feeling colder old age 80 Thanks for your replies
  11. Lexus IS250SE 2006 Do I need a new THERMOSTAT Outside Temp 5C Temp gauge takes 8 min to reach centre of gauge driving at 30mph Is this normal ?
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