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  1. I have got this notice for the Airbag Recall, so it is a legitimate recall notice. Suppose I'll have to get it sorted then :-)
  2. iandlm

    IS250 Manual - Clutch replacement

    Ah, Is that what the juddering is!!! In that case, yes the flywheel does need changing. That has kind of decided it then :-) Thanks again for the input .Well appreciated :-)
  3. iandlm

    IS250 Manual - Clutch replacement

    Hi Shahpor, Thanks for the input. I have had the car since 2009 when it had only 18500 miles on the clock, so I know it well. Deep down, I suppose I knew the answer as there was no reason for Halfords to make that up. Secretly I was hoping it wasn't though as it is a lot of money. I think, realistically, that I would like to keep it for as long as I can now as I'd only get peanuts for it now. As far as I can tell, there is nothing to indicate there is anything else wrong with it. I've only ever had to change tyres and lightbulbs o it, so I suppose I am due a big one I guess a decent garage will be able to tell me "what is what"
  4. I have been told that I need the clutch replacing on my car (no surprise as it has done over 100K miles) as it is slipping a fair bit. I took it to Halfords to do the clutch check (Yes I know, - not the best choice, but it was a free check) and they have said that I will likely need the Fly wheel replacing also. Obviously, from my point of view, that is a serious amount of money. So before I commit to getting it done (somewhere other than Halfords, of course), can anyone confirm what they are saying?? Is the likelyhood being that the flywheel will need replacing or are they "bumping up the bill". Any advice / guidance is well appreciated and you have my thanks
  5. Thankfully, my issue seems to have cleared itself, without any input from myself. Not sure what was going on there!
  6. Got an OBD-II and Torque Pro as suggested ( a very useful piece of kit, by the way ) and it came up with error code P0301 - Cylinder 1 misfire. Hopefully it'll just be something simple like the spark plug, but at least I know what I should be told when I head to Lexus for proper detailed analysis :-) Thanks for the tips, suggestions and steers people. Very much appreciated
  7. Thanks all, Have order a Bluetooth ODB 2 reader so will hopefully get to the bottom of it soon. Unfortunately, not as simple as the fuel filler cap. Good thought though
  8. Can I get any ODB-II or do I need a specific one? Apologies, am new to this side of things
  9. Hi all, Hoping someone can help with some guidance. I started my !S250 this morning and the Check VSC message appeared and stayed on my dash along with the Engine light and stability light (I think that is what they are) - I have attached a picture of the dash showing that lights that are on. Id doesn't seem to have had any impact on the car performance as I have just done a 50 mile stint with the lights still displaying (hopefully, I've not done any damage). My car is a 55 plate IS250 SE Manual and its done about 76K. I had this before when I got the car many years ago, and I think the dealer just reset it. Is there anyway I can try and pinpoint the issue. I'm obviously hoping that it's not serious, so all guidance is gratefully received...
  10. Happy Birthday iandlm!

  11. Ok, so I managed to rip off my front bumper while reversing out of a drive and have sheered some of the fixings off completely on the drivers side. What a numptie!!! Any-one know where I can get a replacement one in Canterbury Blue, around the South-East area for a 2005 SE model, or can anyone recommend a good place to get it repaired in the Surrey area. All suggestions gratefully received! Thanks all
  12. Got mine as a used from Lexus Tunbridge Wells 3 years ago. It rattled a little during the test drive but I still bought it. Rattle got worse driving it home. It was so loud that I could hear it over the stereo. Sounded like a whole piggy bank of coins had been dropped behind the dash. Got mine fixed free on the warranty, but then I did get it from a Lexus dealer. The fix does involve taking the dash off and changing the fixings as you quite rightly point out, though.
  13. Ah yes, I forgot about that, which I shouldn't have done as my mum has an SC430 which was registered on 1st March 2006 and so is £245 to tax instead of over £400. It means a '55' reg or very early '06' reg manual IS250 would be cheaper to tax. No worries. I have to say it took me an age to work out these rules when it came to getting mine. They are very good at making these really complicated so you don't know just how much you will end up paying in tax, until you get the reminder through the door, and then it's too late to find you've read the rules wrongly :-)
  14. Actually, that's not true for a car on a 55 plate as the road tax is the same as for the auto as it will also be in group K. The rule for Group K is something like "Includes cars emitting over 225g/km and first registered between 1 March 2001 and 23 March 2006", which a IS250 on a 55 plate falls in to. This is why I went for a IS250 manual which was registered in Dec 2005, and I pay £245 in road tax. Check on the Direct Gov site or The AA or something for more detail.
  15. Ah, the dreaded dashboard rattle issue. Not as simple as it sounds. This is well known on these forums and many have complained about this to Lexus, myself included. There is a standard fix that they do to remedy this, which is covered by the warantee if you have it. If not, have a search through these forums as I'm sure I saw somewhere the detail of the Lexus fix.