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  1. Bought on off EBay a month ago. A GBL32BT1 allegedly for Toyota/Lexus.... LS400 W reg Not attempted a fit yet, weather is against things. I'll be watching with interest John.
  2. Forum Website Woes

    Strangely now, every time I log in, I get a banner pop up suggesting that I switch off AdBlock in order to get the best viewer experience...... err Right!
  3. Oh no! Still hit and miss again then......
  4. I know a Lexus specialist who drives a GS430. He accepted it in part payment and it is now his daily driver. He wasn't interested in an LS430. Sorry
  5. Sorry for your hassle, but good for me. I now know how the headlamp filters go for my next trip to France ;-)
  6. I bought this car. £1950 as I felt bad about haggling.The gardening company is the grandson, Selling for his widowed grandmother, proven in V5. It is all legit and a fine example (my second Mk IV). I had been looking for 6 months. 76k all pretty much immaculate apart from a small ding to the front wing apparently done in the woodyard by a stump grinder. Repair quote high at £250 Full LSH based on exact mileage. MOT search spot on. I had the timing belt done in Brighton, although Lee said it it looked as though it had recently been replaced. This car was registered in the last month for 400's I believe. Thanks to Messi for loving his SC
  7. Forum Website Woes

    uBlock is Firefox' recommended addon. Thanks
  8. Forum Website Woes

    Adblock plus, I'm looking.... Heres the culprit in red. The blue shows continuous data transfer rebuilding page after page!
  9. Forum Website Woes

    Its definitely Googleads.(Google ads) The Firefox dropdown arrow button lists 15 instances. Its building pages faster than I can Go Back! All the time I'm viewing the pages, the status bar at the bottom is churning over "Transferring data from: <hundreds> (even whilst composing this reply, hundreds of page updates are appearing)
  10. I wonder if anyone can advise on fitting an aux input to the LS400 Mk IV? I've studied many posts on the forum and can say that I want to retain the original equipment, so after market is not an option. I've read about cutting tracks etc, but I wonder if there may be another way? Ideally I would use the LW radio selector/circuit. I wonder if any boffins may be able to help? There is nothing on Long Wave in the UK that you couldn't stream from an iPhone. It seems sensible to use the existing LW button to select an AUX input. This would obviously mean interrupting the LW section of the tuner and inserting a jack cable. Could this be done simply? I hope someone can help.
  11. I'm a big fan of this site and read every new post in all the topics regarding the LS400. Recent changes (I imagine to adverts and popups) have caused multiple pages to be re-written in the browser. The effect of this is that the back button does nothing! If I hold the button down I just see countless copies of the existing page! Is this necessary? The only way is to spin up to the top of the page and return to the Main Forum Page and then go through the process again. Not progress
  12. Tape Deck

    I was under the impression that these were Nakamichi tape decks. (Not sure why, urban legend maybe).
  13. Is there a register of the last 400's arriving in the UK? I know that the final cars were manufactured in July 2000, but these may have been supplied or registered at later dates. Wiki obviously majors on the US timeline so I wondered if the LOC could throw any light on this.
  14. I studied the Ad to determine if it was current too! Is that some sort of after market air filter?