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  1. nice lookin motor, where did you get that wee sport badge on the grill, can you get this from the dealership?
  2. i could understand if you went through 19 sets of rear tyres but 19 sets of front tyres ??!!! hope you get the problem sorted lad
  3. good job mate, nice wheels too :winky:
  4. if you can locate the noise to one wheel, eg. front driverside etc, take the wheel off and try giving the backplate a visual inspection against the disk, it may have taken a knock over the winter and might be bent ever so slightly like mine was, i noticed this and bent it back out away from the disk, no more whistling noise, hope this helps
  5. lol i thought i was the youngest one on the site and you were all just a bunch of old timers
  6. if the retainer is still there then try taking wheel off, remove pin and take out retainer, now all you need to to is bend the retainer back into its original position so that when put back in it holds the pads tight, hope you get sorted, that very same noise ****** me off for a week or so til i figured out the problem lol
  7. dont trust the internet unless you know yourself exactly what you need, your better off taking your car to auto performance tuners and having a chat if you have that kind of money to spend. they will tell you face to face what the car would need to enhance performance, how much it will cost etc
  8. this may be the clip retainers on the rear that hold the pads tight in place, these may be missing, put your finger in on top of caliper until you can feel the top two hooks of the brake pads, if you locate the pads and they feel loose (rattling about), you will then need to get these clips which you can get from lexus / toyota or a scrap yard if your lucky hope this helps
  9. i have the 50mm tenzo springs in but only on the 17" sport alloys but might give you ruff idea of the height
  10. all the engines are the same in the uk is200's (1gfe 6 cylinder 155bhp) , no matter which spec, unless you go for a is300, or a jap import altezza, the altezza is just over 200bhp with a beams engine (4 cylinder) but interior is not as well finished and insurance may be slightly more. the is200 is thirsty too and you would expect more power considering, so dont be dissapointed when you realize its not a rocket ship, you can turbo or supercharge the engine but that would be expensive, air filter and exhaust modifications will only add a bit of power and responsiveness but give a nice sound with the right set up. i would recommend if your going for an is200 to get a sport version as the main thing being it has a limited slip differential standard which gives for better control and handling :winky: and it has nice extras, metal scuff plates, half leather, rear tints etc hope this answers some of your questions, get her bought lol
  11. well the problem seemed to be the last mechanic used the wrong oil, twas thick and gloopy, it was due an oil change but should not have been this thick, anyways she is running nice and smooth with no wierd noises B) (with the right oil in lol)
  12. my insurance may be different though as i live in northern ireland
  13. Im also 26 and only paying just under £500, paid in full. I was paying £750 with my old insurance company, and then I got a renewal quote declaring my lowering springs and they put up the insurance to £1500, so I gracefully declined their offer lol, I like to keep legitimate so wanted the springs declared on my next policy and couldnt get cheaper than £1500, to at which point I was reminded of Greenlight, they saved a grand approx., and I was over the moon, you should try Greenlight, highly recommend B)
  15. i can remember someone with the same problem saying he had swapped front wheels to back and back to front etc and this solved the problem, hope its something simple lad
  16. that is a cool video, love vimeo too, really good quality video, those two cars are beautiful, nice drifting too
  17. ah yes i hear that portugal is very exspensive, it is the same in ireland too and many of people are buying diesel cars because petrol is too expensive. good luck with the new car. ps. your english is very good ;)
  18. hi and welcome to the site, i love the shape of the is220d but im a petrol head and would have went for the is250 lol do you have any plans or are you keeping it standard?
  19. me 2 chaps, had new discs and pads in ,cause i had warped discs and the warpness has gone but there is still a slight clicking noise from the passenger front calliper, really is just a pain in the side lol, was thinking bout new calipers but now i dont know if there is anypoint if its not going to help lol, good luck with yours lad
  20. well she's due a service anyways and today i got her booked in for next week, so hopefully all it needs is a bit of tlc, one guy i spoke to said it may be a worn belt tensioner, but i aint a mechanic either lol, well she is going in for full service and ill enquire about this problem at the time and hopefully get her sorted, your in ni fella, you hittin this jap show in the summer at junction one, i cant wait lol, missed it last year, heard its good
  21. id say depends on how clean it is, auto is less desirable so would not be worth as much as a manual, but judging by your pictures the car is clean enough, id say it be worth around the 3k mark or over, as it is 2003, and so little miles. although this is a rough guess and i have not been looking at prices over the last year since i got mine lol. the standard oem stereo are known to be faulty, this is very common problem but they can be got on ebay etc from time to time, although i would just put in a new double din or something. im not sure about an auto but my manual averages 25mpg, when cruising on a motorway at a steady speed the mpg's says its doing a clean 40mpg, but the minute i put the foot down even just a little it shoots down to about 20 mpg lol, or another way to look at is i put in 40 quid a week and average 150 miles, she can be thirsty but in my eyes its worth it as it such a sexy car to drive lol id say the car is nice, looks clean enough, and nice mileage on it, auto would not be my thing but everyone has thier own preferences i suppose, cream interior is pimp but might be hard to look after or keep clean. welcome to the forum anyways and hope you end up getting the car, i love mine, smooth car to drive and reliable, starts every time ps your golf is class, lovely car you got there, looks mint B)
  22. ill double check that, when i bought it the previous owner said he had got the timing belt changed but had lost the reciept, the car was clean so i took his word and when i got it back home i checked it myself and the belt looked new, no cracks, no wear, and it was sitting perfectly centered so think thats all good. its due a service here so dont know but would the spark plugs be an issue if they were needing replaced???
  23. welcome :zee: the site has been helpful for me, good luck with the new motor
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