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    1992 LS400 / 1990 RRC
  1. 1992 LS400 Grey MOT'd August 2011 Taxed end August 2011 149000 miles cam belt changed at 118000 New battery New nearside rear shock £550 ono
  2. My 1992 has done 145000 and im just about to do the rear shocks and strut arm bushes, the shaft in the drivers seat still has'nt been replaced, the cigar lighter has not worked since I changed the radio facia and I originally bought the car to extract the engine and box to transfer to a 4x4 but after all the vehicles I have driven the LS is the most rewarding experience (maybe need to get out more lol) so a little bit of work to keep her going is not too much :winky:
  3. True but we are trying, thanks to the Scottish roads my 92 LS is about to get a new set of rear shocks and strut arm bushes, so im active in the Lexus just not enough on here If the only meet is going to be South of the border, just think of the luxurious journey getting there Welcome Stu to the most amazing forum I have had the pleasure to be part of, I bought my LS400 because I like a big car and after a year I still have no plans to get rid of it which goes against my "different car every few months" record, the information you can get on here is astounding
  4. Frank Pickles 01943 850999 good deals and nice people Carole Nash 0800 804 7955
  5. Modified is a must but with my Lexus the mods will be subtle, I have already replaced the stereo with an aftermarket single din Sony stereo, have been to my local tyre / wheel dealer and chosen a set of wheels similar to the LS430, future mods are clear indicators but only after ive replaced the rear shocks and changed the bushes on the rear strut arms
  6. I fitted a single din stereo to my LS400, sourced the facia / mounting kit and iso lead on ebay
  7. My LS has not moved since we first got snow north of Aberdeen, my other vehicle is an old Land Rover Discovery which moves all the time :winky:
  8. An excellent yuletide tale complete with happy ending
  9. I agree totally, my LS is covered with a huge snow mound as I didnt get back onshore before the snow came to NE Scotland, but I use the tyres attached to my LR Discovery, which are TOYO Open Country AT's (Great in the snow and slush) and will be putting the LS into a storage shed once the snow clears enough to do the 40 mile journey
  10. Hi, the standard LS 400 stereo in my earlier '92 car was just great ........... you could probably get a replacement original complete unit from Benfur on here for not much ££££. Malc Yes very true Malc, and I may do that in the new year after I dig my LS out of the snow mound and do my rear sus bushes
  11. Thinking on replacing most of my rear bushes with Superflex from Ricerocket UK 01372843675 or email info@ricerocketuk.co.uk Lexus LS400 (Saloon UCF10 / UCF11/ UCF20, 1989 - 1994) SPF1846/**K Rear Anti Roll Bar Mount Bush, suits bracket height of 49mm, Kit of 2 **please measure bar diameter: 21,22,23,24,27,28,30,32mm available ************************************************** The following bushes are also available for this vehicle, please look in our ebay shop and if you cannot see please feel free to email or call customer services on 01372843675 : SPF1352 Front Upper Wishbone Inner Bush & Stainless Steel Tube, 1 of 4 for 20mm wide housing SPF3011/26.5K 26.5mm Front Anti Roll Bar to Body Bush, Kit of 2 1 only SPF2989K Front Strut Bar to Body Mount Kit of 2 Bushes, 1 only 2 Tubes, 16 Washers, 2 Plates SPF3009K Steering Rack & Pinion Mount Bush, Kit of 2 1 only SPF3015K Rear Control Arm Lower - Outer Bush, located in hub 1 only SPF3012K Rear Control Arm Upper Inner Bonded Shell Bush, standard, 1 only Kit of 4 Bushes & 4 Tubes SPF3013K Rear Control Arm Upper Inner Eccentric Bush Kit of 1 only 4 Bonded Shell Bushes & 4 Offset Tubes Note: Camber adjustment +/- both sides, gives aproximatley 3/4 degree change SPF3014K Rear Control Arm Lower Inner Kit of 2 Bonded Shell Bushes & 2 Tubes 1 only SPF1846/**K Rear Anti Roll Bar Mount Bush, suits bracket height of 49mm, Kit of 2 1 only **please measure bar diameter: 21,22,23,24,27,28,30,32mm available SPF3016K Rear Trailing Arm Front Kit of 2 Bushes & 2 Tubes 1 only SPF2249 Rear Trailing Arm to Hub Rear Bush & Stainless Steel Tube 1 of 2 SPF3017K Rear Toe Control Arm Inner Kit of 2 Bushes & 2 Tubes 1 only Note: Outer end of arm is ball joint style SPF2769K Differential Pinion Mount Kit of 4 Bushes & 2 Washers 1 only Note: Upper is replacement bush, lower is insert to original rubber bush
  12. I changed my Ls's stereo as the original was not working so I did the same as you are doing in going through ebay, the facia was easy enough to fit and I had previously attained an ISO lead to convert from Lexus wiring to standard aftermarket wiring, my present stereo sounds fine although I have not heard the standard Ls stereo
  13. aaah fellow landy owners,,, are you guys on "landrovernet" ?? really good site for all things landy No havent graced the pages of Landrovernet but will have a look while im offshore, Andy and Steve very impressed with the change on the LS, now after I fit the new bushes I will need to look for other alloys and clear lenses
  14. Technically its only my mistake that has been sorted as the rest of the answers were , well only slightly but what of Piggys boot opening problem, has that been sorted ? or has the poor chap resolved himself to opening his boot by key in the slot for the rest of his Lexus ownership