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  1. HinSteve, What condition are the bonnet and front bumper in?
  2. I do have a set of these, will dig them out and have a look at the condition.
  3. The 18” multi spoke ones with the plastic center caps?
  4. Hi Steve, not too far away then, what parts do you have available?
  5. Hi guys, anyone breaking a MK4 LS400 in or around the Dorset area? I need a front bumper, bonnet, indicators, oh headlight and a few other parts. Cheers, Andy
  6. Had many a good chat with Tony and am very shocked to hear of his passing :( my condolences to his family and friends. Andy
  7. Do not buy a second hand remote as they are not reprogrammable to different cars! Andy
  8. No, depending on the spec and year some were fitted with vented rears :) Andy
  9. Thats the one I have driven around Silverstone
  10. You may also need a Certificate of Conformity but as these were not a requirement for UK cars you would need to get one from Lexus GB if they are available. But I could be wrong ;) Andy
  11. The parts numbers for the flywheel and clutch kit are listed for the IS only with no crossover to Toyota vehicles :( Andy
  12. Will see if I can get up for this :) Andy
  13. Welcome, glad to hear you have brought some good cars ;) Andy