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  1. Very Sad News - Tony Goose

    Had many a good chat with Tony and am very shocked to hear of his passing :( my condolences to his family and friends. Andy
  2. Do not buy a second hand remote as they are not reprogrammable to different cars! Andy
  3. Rear Brake Discs ?

    No, depending on the spec and year some were fitted with vented rears :) Andy
  4. Lfa Cover Of Topgear

    Thats the one I have driven around Silverstone
  5. You may also need a Certificate of Conformity but as these were not a requirement for UK cars you would need to get one from Lexus GB if they are available. But I could be wrong ;) Andy
  6. The parts numbers for the flywheel and clutch kit are listed for the IS only with no crossover to Toyota vehicles :( Andy
  7. Southern Meet Nov 11Th

    Will see if I can get up for this :) Andy
  8. Hi There New To Lexus Ls400 :)

    Welcome, glad to hear you have brought some good cars ;) Andy
  9. Glad to hear it all fitted ok Graham :) Andy
  10. Is Wheel Centres

    PM sent :)
  11. Lowering Springs

    I would recommend the MeisterR coilovers that Jerrick sells, were really nice on my LS400 ;) Andy
  12. Thank you, I will keep looking. You got yourself a good deal at that price. Hope I can do the same. I really don't want to spend the silly money that Lexus are asking. I really don't know how they can justify the price! Hi Geoff, I can do one for £36.59 posted if you are interested :) Andy
  13. Done :) Good luck for the walk ;) Andy
  14. Retail price for that part in the UK is £25.62 + vat. Best I could do it for would be £23.06 + vat and post so would come to £36.67. Regards, Andy
  15. Hi Wendy, I assume someone will be fitting this for you? Another option is to fit a replacement seal kit if the pump is just leaking, these are £24.62 + vat but there will be more labour involved but still considerably cheaper than a new pump ;) If you are looking to source a second hand unit you may not know that Lexus now only list one pump to cover MK1 through to MK3 models. Hope this helps, Andy