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  1. I see your logic, but my fuel is reclaimed at the relevant AFR rate, so it’s 14 pence max for diesel. RX 450h as a 2ltr + petrol allows 22p. Also unless it’s 2016 or newer the car would be Euro 5 which means paying for the London ULEZ and any other cities that follow their lead i.e Birmingham, Leeds, Nottingham, Derby and Southampton. Petrols only need to be Euro 4 to be exempt.
  2. Welcome to my world, two meetings and some driving in the middle. My Diesel X5 is no better than the RX on fuel, plus petrol is cheaper. Servicing every 4-5 weeks, are you sure?I’m thinking it’s more like 11-13 myself 😉 Out if curiosity why would you choose diesel?
  3. 10k she’s yours 😁 I suspect it would be going on a one way trip to Africa in a shipping container. Thanks for the warranty info 👍🏼
  4. The original reason for the question was to see if 3yr extended warranties are available on approved cars, this is to decide if it’s worth the dealer premium on the purchase cost and the subsequent service costs vs buying private or non franchised. That would save a fortune on servicing and a few thousand initially, but it wouldn’t come with any backup if a major component fails. I think the savings out weigh the risk. I’ve already been through the various cars that are alternates and I don’t want anything other than a Lexus when it’s my money.
  5. Best we agree to disagree, I work for a leasing company with 150,000+ vehicles and it’s fair to say diesels after a certain mileage will cause issues on all of the parts I mentioned. I get to see which cars have money left in their maintenance budgets and which don’t. One thing that doesn’t seem to have ever happened though is a blocked EGR on a petrol engine 😜
  6. Diesel, no chance 😫 🙂 EGR, DPF, Turbo, Injectors etc wont last the course. RX450h or a Merc ML, BMW X5 or Audi Q7, there’s really no contest when it comes to long term reliability and running costs IMO. I have an X5 now and it does 33MPG in my hands, mostly motorway usage.
  7. I would agree, our old ones were faultless. But...this one will be doing 40-50k per year for the next 3yrs. I’m coming out the company car scheme and taking the cash. I was wondering if anyone had been able to secure a longer warranty than the 2yrs. In 2yrs time I may have passed 140k (depends on the starting mileage) so renewing might not be an option. I may take it on risk and save money by not using the dealer network, the money could go in a rainy day fund. I do have faith that 200k can be achieved without major mechanical failure, unless you’re really unlucky or you don’t service the car. Decisions decisions.
  8. I’ve seen the 2yrs for the price of one, but can you buy a 3 year warranty? Or do they expect you to buy another year every year, unless it’s 2 for 1, then it’s every 2 years 🤔
  9. Hi All, I’m going to be returning to Lexus life in the next few weeks, my intention is to buy an approved used car. Does anyone know the maximum length of warranty that can be added by the dealer? The car will be a 2013-15. i know I could phone and ask but I’d like to hear about other people’s experiences. CC
  10. Shameless is available immediately as our new one has arrived.
  11. Hi All, If anyone is lurking and is looking for a solid car, mine is for sale here - My RX300 Advert Without doubt the best built car i have ever owned!
  12. If the speed and load rating wasn't sufficient for the car, they would try and avoid paying out in the event of a claim. The same is possible with the size not being the official size but i think that's a bit more subjective provided its a sensible change like 195 instead of a 205. With the winter tyres some insurance co's still like to be informed, the majority don't. You can download a full list from the ABI website, our current insurer used to wan to know, they don't anymore. This is what my BMW has (the Lexus isn't with me at the mo), this has been marked on tyres for a few years now, i don't know if its all brands though;